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  1. Link: Re: Kyle Allen: Texas A&M dysfunction stems from Manziel-led culture

    Hate to say it, but...

    If Allen saw all of this, why did he sign with them in the first place?

    Roll Tide!!
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    Re: White Helmets

    You startin early with the white helmet thread , aren't you? We haven't even gotten through Spring Practice!!:biggrin: on

    Roll Tide!!
  3. Re: Going to throw out some random observations here...

    This is an interesting statement to me. I would ask you to elaborate, but I think I know the answer...

    The more I see things like this, the more I think I live too close to Oxford.

    Roll Tide!!...
  4. Re: Comments on the National Anthem - pregame festivities?

    Mama said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.

    I have nothing to say.

    Roll Tide!!
  5. Re: Clemson players and coaches already saying they'll be back

    Yeah, I get where you are coming from. They ran their mouths leading up to the game. They've got a really good looking team coming back. Just sounds like a confident bunch. Hard to win em all each...
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    Re: TMZ Reports--No Rioting in Tuscaloosa

    My OU buddy gave me a call before the game to wish me luck. He asked if I had my little smokies ready because that's what I usually have on New Year's Day to watch the bowl games. I said, "Not for...
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    Re: Our Safety Play

    I've really loved the improvement the DB's have made this year. The only thing, and this is picking nits, is sometimes they go for the interception rather than just knocking the ball down. The long...
  8. Re: Just Re-watched The Georgia and A&M Games... SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!

    I had remembered enough about the first 3-4 games to know we were struggling. Honestly I think the turning point at the beginning of the season was in the Georgia game. When Jarran Reed got flagged...
  9. Just Re-watched The Georgia and A&M Games... SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!

    I had a little time to watch the games on youtube today (watching the ones that just show the plays makes watching them pretty easy:) ). Seeing the importance of some players (R. Kelly when he went...
  10. Re: Heisman finalists announced on 6pm Eastern (5pm Central) on Sportscenter ESPN2

    This is exactly what it sounds like to me (Manning/Woodson). Living in Chattanooga at the time and having to live through Manning's 4 years was awful as a Tide fan. I didn't like Manning, but I...
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    Re: CFB Playoff Officiating assignments

    Wonder if Tom Ritter and his crew will be doing the Birmingham Bowl.

    Now THAT would be funny!:biggrin:

    Roll Tide!!
  12. Strength Of Florida vs. other SEC West Teams

    I'll admit that I have watched very little of Florida this year, but have caught glimpses here and there. So with that being said, if we were to try to compare Florida to an SEC West team that we...
  13. News Article: Re: Adam Griffith opens up about life after Kick Six

    Can't wait for this game to be over because all we're going to hear all week is about the kick 6 thing. Unfortunately, however, I believe the auburnites will continue reliving this just like they do...
  14. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    The only thing I'll add to this conversation is that I love that CA no longer puts the "S in L5U:)

    Roll Tide!!
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    Re: Ohio State vs Michigan State

    So,you're saying ice cream is in order, right?:biggrin:

    Roll Tide!!
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