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  1. Link: Re: "No LSU football" scare tactic for LA budget

    At a much smaller level (small town or county), this tactic has been used in Alabama to get tax hikes of one sort or another passed. As in, "No tax increase, no high school extra-curricular...
  2. Re: If A Candidate Dies During The Race....

    I'm not a lawyer, but I try to apply logic, and sometimes the law follows.

    I'm also not aware of any federal laws that address who a political party nominates, or how they arrive at that...
  3. Link: Re: Receiver in South Bend, Ind., sets national record

    Don't know the guy from Adam's house cat.

    But if he's willing to go up against Calvin Ridley, ArDarius Stewart, Cam Sims, Robert Foster, and OJ Howard for receptions, I have to like his...
  4. Re: More Harbaugh News - Hiring More High School Coaches of Signed Recruits

    It might help in the short run, but I'm not sure how much it'll help long term.

    First, you take the source of recruits out of the HS, the very place where they can help you. Second, you'll pretty...
  5. Link: Re: Kyle Allen: Texas A&M dysfunction stems from Manziel-led culture

    As it turns out, that win against us in 2012 may have been the most pyrrhic in football history.

    UTw loses and six years later is still whining about Colt getting hurt. aTm wins, and laments...
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    JessN: Re: Rating the 2016 SEC classes

    Just curious, you think they were afraid of the competition in the SEC, or of what they perceive as leaving their lifeline -- both UTw and the state of Texas?

    Or was it that the Oklahoma...
  7. Re: Lengthy Diatribe Time: Post-NSD Wrap-Up With Closing Thoughts

    Hope you're right, Mack.

    While I'd obviously rather have both in the fold, the depth issues at RB make me think that losing Emmons to grades would be a worse blow than losing Davis.
  8. Re: CFN: 2016 Alabama Football Recruiting Class Breakdown

    If he's all that, I promise Saban knows about him, and is already figuring out whether he's a fit.

    On-field skill is just part of the profile. Willingness to conform to the process --...
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    Re: Big 12 is reaffirming marriage vows.

    They can keep their internal conflict out of the public eye until the the devil catches a cold.

    Unless and until they quit asking UTw, "Mother, may I?" at every turn, no amount if holding hands...
  10. Link: Re: TE Brenden Scales Decommits from Alabama, Flips to Mizzou

    Well said. I wish every talking head would read this.

    Oh...wait...that assumes they can read. Never mind.
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    Re: Mique Juarez Signs with UCLA

    Good no-move. The NCAA's definition of "booster" is so broad that you almost certainly would have created a technical violation. Whether it would have been caught (or reported....say, I don't...
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    Re: Strong Finish coming for 2016 class

    Interesting developments with a few guys de-committing for one reason or another....speculation for most is either an offer of greyshirts, or grade issues. At least three in the last 48 hours.
  13. Re: UConn creating a "black only" living space

    Can you imagine the outcry if one of those communities was for white males only?

    Thurgood Marshall made his legacy on the assertion that "separate but equal" was not only unconscionable, but...
  14. Re: If We Come Up Short At Any Position, Which One?

    I'm a little concerned about running back. Firm commits not yet qualified, coming in second on high-profile prospects.

    Hope I'm being chicken little here -- the sky isn't falling, but I'm a bit...
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    Re: Baylor needs to hire some good lawyers

    Man, you got that right.
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