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  1. Re: Play QB at Bama if want a cute girlfriend

    Blake has a good future.
  2. Re: FFRF officially asks Auburn to can Pastor Chette

    I don't have to worry about most of this stuff, most of my employers don't have God on their minds at all.:)
  3. Re: "cheating website" Ashley Madison hacked, 36 Million users to be outed

    Men are dogs no doubt but like dogs there are different breeds. My wife who I have been married to over thirty years I rather die then do something like this to her. No I don't feel no remorse for...
  4. Re: 6 Books on Pres. Obama's Summer Reading List

    The book "1984":)
  5. Re: NFL Hall of Famer Frank Gifford Dead at 84

    Seeing that picture just makes me understand how old I am. Thanks for the picture Bazza
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    Re: The Debates

    Enjoying it big time. Trump is stirring the stew which is the position he needs to take. No chance in hell will he get it but raises a lot of questions.
  7. Re: You want $14.00/hour for unskilled work? OK, please meet your replacement...

    This is one thing that bothers me to no end. People with no skill want to make what people that work hard to learn a skill makes. I don't understand how this works in their minds to think this but...
  8. Re: Rowdy Roddy Piper Dies From Cardiac Arrest At 61

    My oldest son loved the wrestlers from this group. He has most of the rubber action dolls of them from the eighties. I know roddy Piper was one of those. Most of the ones he has is dead. I guess...
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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    I voted on the 1994 game. This is an unfair poll if you ask me with so many great games to pick from.:)
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    Re: Southern Pride, not racism

    I wouldn't doubt if the people that did this were black, just to keep stirring the pot.
  11. Re: Elementary school students coached to compare Robert E. Lee to Hilter

    Wow I just been to school again! Thanks Tidewater for the great posts.:)
  12. Re: ***2017 Chadarius Townsend Commits***

    I know that tanner is a small school but a small school powerhouse. They have won a few state championships lately. Welcome Mr Townsend.
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    Re: Cecil the lion

    I have no major problem with hunting when it comes to animals that need to decrease the herd numbers. In North Alabama deer is one animal that needs to be decreased in a major way. Most deer hunters...
  14. Link: Re: Non serious, just something I thought neat...

    Great video, thanks for the link. Also thanks catfish for the youtube link. With the world the way it is going need the better side to show more often.
  15. Weird News Re: Wyoming Man Found with 30 Eyeballs in His Anal Cavity

    Lol thats funny!!!:biggrin:
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