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    Re: National champions by each school

    I'd feel more comfortable replacing it with '66...
  2. Re: Why is Nick Saban so much better at Alabama than he was at LSU?

    This. Who really cared about the new coach from Michigan State? How much press did he get? It took a while to build that street cred...
  3. Link: Re: Patriots' Trick Play That Got John Harbaugh Mad That's Similar To Bama's Trick P

    Wasn't that the Andre screen? I though the flag was picked up because the pass was behind the LOS.
  4. Link: Re: Patriots' Trick Play That Got John Harbaugh Mad &That's Similar To Bama's Trick

    Please don't suggest that. Next thing you know we'll be defending the A10...
  5. Re: Jim Tressel and Bill Snyder selected to Hall of Fame

    They can put Tressel in the "Switzer Wing".
  6. Re: Is coach Saban and Smart outsmarting themselves on defense?

    I suspect that a large part of the problem is that we whiffed when recruiting Vonn Bell and Joey Bosa. It's not the x's and o's, it's the jimmies and the joes...
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    Re: Lou Holtz/Notre Dame
  8. Urban Meyer brings Tebow in to talk to Buckeyes

    I guess we'll have another chance to make him cry...
  9. Re: Blake Sims Is On The Latest Cover Of Sports Illustrated

    Which one of the four would the jinx stick to?
  10. Re: Big 12 would look "East not West" for expansion

    I'm pretty sure Bowlsby doesn't clear his throat without input from Texas...
  11. Re: Clemson Dismisses QB Chad Kelly (update: he's now at Ole Miss)

    ...inch by inch...
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    Re: SURPRISE!! Winston Cleared by FSU

    I don't know if Winston did it or not. The only thing the evidence shows is that the police and district attorney's office did an execrable job of investigating the original complaint, and that has...
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    Re: Oklahoma High school sues over bad call.

    "Little man syndrome"? Either your blue font isn't working, or you have an incredible amount of detailed info on this incident. Exactly how tall IS the ref? Where did he get that accent?

  14. Re: Oregon State hires Gary Anderson from Wisconsin

    I think Alvarez is running coaches off so he can pad his bowl resume.
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    Re: Debating OSU - ammo for your use

    You can usually tell which conferences the talking heads are pulling for by listening for "out of conference schedule". When a team starts pumping up their "out of conference schedule", it means...
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