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  1. Question: Anybody hearing of any barn shenanigans for this year like 2009?

    If memory serves, wasn't it the 2009 Iron Bowl that the booger eaters were discussing ways to affect our team prior to the game. Somebody posted which hotel the team was using in...
  2. Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. LSU...

    Number 10 on LSU slapped or hit D. Lee on the sideline after the int.
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    Re: 2016 5*TE Isaac Nauta

    Well alrighty then!!! RTR!!!!
  4. JessN: Re: Ole Miss wrap-up: Turnovers, QB play hurt, but poor defense finished off the Tide

    Do we need to have a discussion with the best high school defensive coordinators about how to stop the HUNH offenses? Almost all high school teams run the HUNH. Is this why Jeremy Pruitt rose up...
  5. Link: Re: Top 5 CFB games every week during the season

    The article lost credibility with auburn vs Kentucky being a top five game.

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  6. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)

    Sure enough....there it is. Guess I've been spending too much time on the recruiting board these last few days. Thanks for setting me straight.
  7. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)

    I saw on 247sports that Dee Liner had tweeted that he had been released from his scholarship. He praised the coaches and the University. I hadn't seen anything about this on the forum or anywhere...
  8. Link: Re: Richard Sherman/Michael Bennett call out NCAA "scam".

    My brother in law is asst coach for the soccer team at a local private college. He told me once that the players GPAs are higher during the semester that the season is played. He thinks that the...
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Thanks RTR.
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Is there a dead period before signing day?
  11. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. AU****

    I wonder if coach is gonna take his hands out of his pockets. I'm not asking him to sling a chair across the floor while the booger was taking the free throws like B. Knight, but show some emotion to...
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    Re: Blake's Looking Good In The Senior Bowl

    I appreciate the updates. I'm stuck at work and we don't get the NFL network here at the hospital.
  13. Question: Re: Whatever happened to Marcel Dareus' brother

    Can't confirm the former, but can confirm the latter. Demerius seems like he will be a good father.
  14. Question: Re: Whatever happened to Marcel Dareus' brother

    I just met Demerius today. We talked some about Marcel and the season he has had this year. I didn't feel comfortable asking him what he has been doing the last several years, but he seemed like a...
  15. Link: Re: Mariota declares for draft. How far will Oregon fall? Or will they?

    Don't believe Oregon will fall too far. It's a plug and play system. Of course they will find a way to lose a game they shouldn't, just like they always do.
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