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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on here.

    Mowed grass, I hope the last time today here in Ohio.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    35-3 Bama
  3. Re: Report: Kirby Smartís now the front-runner for the South Carolina job

    IMO, it all depends on what Coach Smart wants to do. There are many job openings this year and we all know more will be coming.
  4. Re: Pat Dye stirring the pot again like last time

    I think what he really is saying is that it will take a miracle for auburn to win.
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    Re: Ohio State vs Michigan State

    Jones announces he is not returning to OSU and will not see the field unless Barrett gets hurt. Elliott slams the play calling and says its his last game in the shoe but will start next Sat....
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    Re: Denzel Nkemdiche in ICU since Monday

    Awful news. I just hope the young man can get things turned around if the drug use is true.
  7. Re: How does one define domestic terrorism?

    I agree with 4Q Basket Case. IMO, anyone that is trying to kill innocent people, mainly because the do not believe in Islam is a terrorist. They can be an American citizen or not American. We have...
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    Re: Official Joke Thread

    A guy was out on a date with a fine looking (hawt) female. He stopped the car and asked, "do you believe in the hereafter?" She said, "why of course, don't you?" Being the gentleman that he was, he...
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    Re: Attending first bama game.

    Enjoy your first trip to BDS!
  10. Re: Florida: Woman Wants Sex, Doesn't Get What She Wants, Runs Over Her Lover

    You've lost that lovin feeling, whoa whoa that lovin feeling....
  11. Re: Alabama @ Dayton Game Thread (Noon central tip)

    Talent wise, we are lacking some critical pieces BUT we know help is on the way.
  12. Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Charleston Southern

    45-3 good guys
  13. Re: Florida: Woman Wants Sex, Doesn't Get What She Wants, Runs Over Her Lover

    Two bagger for sure.
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    Re: Ronda rousey knocked out

    To paraphrase the late Howard Cosell, "down goes Rousey, down goes Rousey!"
  15. Re: How should an American Christian respond to ISIS?

    I think that justice should be served to any people group that kills innocent people in the name of Islam. We are talking about radical people of the Islamic faith. As an Amercan, my blood boils and...
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