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  1. Re: Wow! What a diatribe against the SEC by Gameday!

    I guess I've never understood the difference in playing these type games in Sept. or Nov. What difference does it make?
  2. Re: Pick the score: Auburn vs. Alabama (Iron Bowl)

    CNS really wants this one. The university of aubrens will feel and look like left over turkey! 35-16 Bama! RTR!
  3. Re: If Bama Beats the Barn, Who Do You Want in SECCG? Mizzu or Georgia?

    Neither one of them scares me, but UGA does have a revenge factor from the game that they were 5 yards short of a BCSNC. (ha ha)
    Both teams like to run the ball, I think UM has a better defense. We...
  4. Re: OK, that's it. Official "Boo Radley" appreciation thread...

    Nice, way to go! RTR!
  5. Re: Dee Hart with six touchdowns against New Mexico

    This kid deserves some good luck. I'm happy for him!
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    Re: ****Bama vs. WCU Postgame Thread****

    Tyren Jones is going to be special. I was also glad to see Robert Foster in the game. This kid has a tremendous upside, he just needs to work on his blocking. I think the light will come on for Coker...
  7. Re: Dan Mullen Pulls Recruit's Scholarship Offer 16 Days Before His Graduation

    I wondered how he would fit 31 into his class. He must have expected some attrition that did not happen and now he's back peddling to make the numbers work.
  8. Re: Opinions on the Possibility of Muschamp to Alabama

    Coach Saban said he had tried to call CWM but couldn't get through to him this week. To me CNS was just letting him know that he was there if CWM needed him. I look for him to sit out next season and...
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    Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    Like most of the HUNH teams he does not put much emphasis on defense. He will keep the best athletes on offense. He won't be fired but CEJ and other D coaches may be sacrificed to keep the barners...
  10. Link: Re: Mississippi State Eyes Playoff and Another Shot at Alabama

    They have New Orleans hotel and bus travel packages for sale on their scout site. It's waaaaaaay too early to make those kind of reservations.
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    Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    This will not happen this year. Coach Ellis Johnson will be the fall guy. He will "retire" after the season.
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    Re: Vols Players Suspected of Rape

    We all know alcohol lowers inhibitions and causes people to do and say things they normally don't. This certainly isn't a excuse in this case.
    I know nothing of what actually happened in this case,...
  13. Re: Pick the score: Western Carolina vs. Alabama

    I'm going with 52-0 Bama. I don't think they'll score.
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    Re: Muschamp ... "resigns"

    I agree with this. I think he will stay at OM as long as he can. IMHO he is not the level of coach that UF is looking for.
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    Re: Props to Dak and State

    I totally agree MSU should be in the top four. I'm afraid the SEC fatigue is working against getting two teams in. If Ohio State is in their place then we know that's what happened.
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