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    Re: ***Hale Hentges Commits to Alabama***

    Hale yeah! RTR!
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    Re: 10 Taliban kill themselves

    These kids are at the mercy of these lunatics and I find their situation heartbreaking.

    My son BamaJama17 probably paid more attention to the young Afghan children than any of the village adults...
  3. Re: What an 8 year old boy did for a soldier is heartwarming....

    Sweet little guy. God bless him.
  4. Poll: Re: Do you think it's childish for a grown man or woman to wear a Bama jersey?

    Depends on the number.
  5. Re: Cyrus K not starting off very good at combine.

    I never could understand why he was considered a sure fire 1st rounder. I thought all season his play was usually average at best. Good luck to him.
  6. Re: Is Coach Saban the Most Disliked Man in College Athletics?

    Yeah, probably. Also feared.
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    "Saturdays, built Mercedes tough".
  8. Re: Alabama Files Breach of Contract Suit Against Mike Groh

    I think that that th zzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. Link: Re: Tide Signer Cornwell Works On Knee & Is Ready To Compete

    I wish CNS had conferred with you before signing him. Too late now I suppose.
  10. Link: Re: 2015 OG Richie Fontaine Petitbon

    Where did it mention Bama as his leader?
  11. Re: If Auburn Fans won't shop at Rashaan Evans' Family Store, Bama Fans will!

    Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?? NO!
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    What, was he smoking the pistol as well? :)

    Wake up call to everyone. I would bet nearly all similar youths have in their possession a firearm of some type. Regardless of school. That doesn't...
  13. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    Nice job by everyone involved. I firmly believed 2 losses really lit a fire under this staff. (As if they needed it) :biggrin2: RTR!
  14. Re: Anyone else worried about Bo Scarbrough's commitment?

    Apparently only you. :) Don't let your jimmies get too rustled though. :BigA:
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    Bruno Mars blew me away at the Super Bowl! I had no idea. Bonus, Red Hot Chili Peppers! I loved it. :biggrin:
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