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  1. Re: AL Man Goes in for Circumcision & Wakes to Find Penis Amputated

    You are using the wrong side of the ruler......dang metric system.....centimeters suck don't they Seebell ;)
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    Re: Top 5 Concerns for a 2014 Title run

    Name one top flight QB we will face this year?

    DBs will be fine
  3. Re: AL Man Goes in for Circumcision & Wakes to Find Penis Amputated

    Did Lorena Bobbitt get her Medical Degree?
  4. Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    I would imagine that 99% of College Football players today couldn't give a rat's backside about history -- as much as we would like to think they do. Now, it's all about Now -- it's all about 2...
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    Re: James Garner passes away at 86

    Jaclyn Smith ;)
  6. Re: Pit bull saves deaf teen from house fire

    A Rapper and an all around good guy :)
  7. Re: Grades at Univ. Wisconsin (Madison) to be based on race/ethnicity

    Wonder how many points I get for being 1/2 Cajun?
  8. Re: Iowa student accused of being racist for wearing all white

    It's a game called Godzilla's Testicles
  9. Re: Egypt: "Anal Jihad" Now Sanctioned By Muslim Brotherhood

    Paging Seebell.....
  10. Question: Re: Was anyone else confused with the new playoff selection process?

    The +1 games is great if you finished #2....otherwise it sucks.

    I agree, use the BCS formula to create Top 4...and play
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    Link: Re: Tennesssee's new mascot
  12. Rolling Stones Lists the 5 Most Dangerous Guns

    1. Pistols
    2. Revolvers
    3. Rifles
    4. Shotguns
    5. Derringers

    Wow --
  13. Re: Marine General James Amos openly criticizes Obama for lack of action
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    Re: Someone Just Shot Down a 777 over Ukraine
  15. Re: A living pictorial representaion of the asininity and lucidity of the ludicrous.
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