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    Re: Rob Ezell hired by Alabama football staff

    Good luck to him. He's getting a great start in his career by first being Coach Mac and now Coach Saban.
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    Re: Rolando facing suspension per ESPN

    I've always liked Rolo since he committed to the Tide. Just because he has some difficulties is no reason to throw him under the bus. I hope he will be able to get it all sorted with the NFL.
  3. Link: Re: T J Simmons (Clay Chalkville HS) Commits

    Welcome to the Tide. I expect he'll get another star at least just for being offered by the Tide.
  4. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    By the time all is said and done, the two Auburn players will be commended for saving the dog from inhumane treatment by its owner.

    I may have been glib above but PTSD can be a severe,...
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    Re: Mel Tucker`s Technique With DB Coverage?

    All I can say is thank goodness for the EPL!! At least I have something to watch through May and then July the EPL preseason starts all over again.
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    Re: Assistant's duties questioned

    Agree with this and the fact that $600K is chump change for TX donors and they would be smart to pay it and make it go away.
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    Re: Our class and an update

    Good luck with the surgery. Sorry to be grammar policy, but you had a bit of a dangling participle and it sounds like your shoulder was overseas but you were here. I expect you mean you injured it...
  8. Re: Rece Davis replacing Chris Fowler on College Gameday

    I like Fowler but like Rece better. Now, if we can just get him to be a real advocate for the Tide like Herb is for OSU.............
  9. Link: Re: DJ Fluker Essay on Recruiting in "The Players Tribune": Marry Your School

    That essay should be framed and hung on the wall of every HS football locker room! Great advice -- not because DJ came to Alabama, but on how to choose the school with the best fit for the...
  10. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    Shula did his job which was to caretake Alabama football until the end of the prohibitive schollie reduction and/or probation. I, too, believe Shula is a good person and was ideal for this scenario...
  11. News Article: Re: Nick Saban and the Inner Workings of His Alabama Recruiting Machine

    Good article. My favorite quote is "We'll win with you, we will win without you." Certainly, a great way to let a young man know that although he is highly rated, Saban doesn't have to have him to...
  12. Re: Leo Lewis Decommits from Alabama (Update: Decommits from Ole Miss)

    This is just another example of a young kid with little maturity who seems to be attracted to whatever bauble he is looking at at any one time. Hopefully, he will find a place where he will be happy...
  13. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

    It's even more difficult when the accused is a high profile college footballer with big money backing. Everything I have read about this incident and utterances attributed to said QB, I tend to...
  14. Re: Anybody else watching Trent Richardson's NFL career go down the drain?

    What little I saw of Trent this season it was obvious he was pressing too much. He exhibited little patience waiting for a hole to open up. I don't know what has messed his head up, but he needs...
  15. Re: A look back at the barn's (misguided) moment of joy

    Just no one give this guy a gun. He sounds like he'd be really dangerous -- to himself or others.
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