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  1. Re: City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

    Where did I reference repression ?

    I mentioned unequal application of the law in this specific case; and my broader thought was simply hypocrisy, and it seems to me to be quite valid. Do you...
  2. Re: Have we played the toughest defense we`ll see all year?

    Bama put up 400 yds against the best D they will face, OM - in their 1st road game. They may get a rematch in the playoff. IMO, Bama is 10-14 pts better than OM on a neutral field.
  3. Re: City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

    Where has been the outcry against black churches' use of the pulpit to promote liberal political causes since the 50's ? In most cases they did not even bother to couch their messages in legal...
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    Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Auburn

    Another view is that Bama is 4-2 (07 is not part of the run, it was a miracle that Bama was 2 min from winning the West that year) against AU with both losses requiring miracles unlikely to happen...
  5. Re: Who has the most NC's the past 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30, 40, and 50 years.

    5 years - Alabama: 3
    10 years - Alabama: 3 (LSU, Florida and USC all have 2)
    20 years - Alabama: 4 (Florida: 3)
    30 years - Miami 5, Alabama: 4
    40 years - Alabama: 7, Miami 5
    50 years - Alabama:...
  6. Re: Lane Kiffin in T-Town to consult with Saban on Tide's offense.

    It was reported at the time that Coach Saban offered Kiffin the OC job when Applewhite "left". Saban has high regard for Kiffin's offensive expertise. Fine by me.
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    Re: RB Roc Thomas Commits to Auburn

    According to the "recruiting analysts" there is Fournette who is possibly the best back since Peterson, then the next 25 backs who are similar to each other in quality. I know that these analysts...
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    Re: Why is Jameis Winston in Tallahassee?

    If Jameis is serious about academics, then Bama was the better choice since it is a higher ranked academic institution - at least according to US News and World Report. In fact, the 4th highest...
  9. Link: Re: Nick Saban discusses his 'tremendous amount of respect' for Finebaum

    You are right that Saban isn't stupid and would curry favor with a media personality if he felt it was necessary. But I think that he genuinely respects Finebaum. Even his worst critics with any...
  10. Re: More Bizarre News on former player Eddie Williams

    Unfortunately, there have been many around at least since the '60s, (I'm sure from the beginning of public education, but I know from the 60s when I was in school - it just was not regarded as a...
  11. Re: Texas A&M or LSU Who worries yall the most this year and why?

    A&M because they have a magical player at the games' most dominating position.

    LSU because they have Bama-type talent across the board and often play a bit looser than Bama. Thankfully, Bama has...
  12. Re: ***Center JC Hassenauer Commits To Alabama***

    After a couple of years with Saban I assume he will pick up whatever is necessary to handle his responsibilities against the hogs. I mean the average score the last 5 years has been 39-9 - and that...
  13. Link: Re: Just found this on a longhorn football board

    I think you are right about him not specifying UT. I "misremembered" :). I think it was "reputable" sources (I "think" Cecil Hurt was one) who stated that Texas was one to which he was referring. To...
  14. Link: Re: Just found this on a longhorn football board

    It's not a rumor. Saban stated publicly after the 2011 season that he had turned down several offers including Texas. That he and Bama had made a committment to each other.
  15. Link: Re: Blowhole's coming back on the Air:

    I agree with you, in that he sounds/is more fair on the air, as I have listened to him and actually enjoyed it. But that does not change his AU/Bama slant, including his constant, unfair carping...
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