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  1. Re: Kevin Stallings Goes Off on Freshman Wade Baldwin After Win in Knoxville

    The coach at ut that ran over telling on him needs to quit whining.
  2. Re: just so y'all see the uga nonsense we have to deal with in the offseason

    Where was the "Which coach has had the most players arrested?"
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    Re: UA athletic Dept Posts $33m Profit

    I think their bag man did it for free in the Cam scandal.
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    Re: Bama's Latest Recruiting Poster

    Roll Tide Reece Davis!
  5. Re: Oregon's Chances in the Pac-12 Just Got a Lot Better

    Defensive ends all over the PAC 12 are celebrating.
  6. Re: Rule Change Proposal: Ineligible Man Downfield Decreased to One Yard

    How long before CNS is blamed with this proposal?
  7. News Article: Re: Nick Saban and the Inner Workings of His Alabama Recruiting Machine

    Kind of like Coach Bryant. He used to tell them "If you come to Alabama we will have a chance to win the SEC and National Championship. And if you don't come we'll still have a chance to win the...
  8. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

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    Re: Wake, NC agree to OOC series.

    It would be great to have a Sat. where the SEC West would play the East in non-conference games. Beats W. Kentucky.
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    Tom Roberts appreciation thread.

    I have spent many a Monday evening listening to Hey Coach and I want to say that I will miss Mr. Tom Roberts. Thanks for all of the great memories. Roll Tide!
  11. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    OSU will be a circus next year wait and see.
  12. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    What happens now if Barret gets hurt again and jones and miller are both gone?
  13. Re: Make your case why Bama would have won or lost against Oregon last night.

    I can't see us losing to a coach that looks like Beaver Cleaver.
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    I hope we hire Clark and double what he was making as Head Coach at UAB. I am sick of hearing all the crap about shutting that program down. UAB football has gotten more press over this than they...
  15. Re: What would you consider a "success" for the 2014 season?

    It is amazing how accurate some of those posts were.
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