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  1. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    I will attempt to respond although I am not sure where all this is going, but anyway:

    1. If there is no committee then who or what determines the top 4 teams. The committee does exist to rank the...
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    Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: South Carolina

    They will lose to auburn for sure and another game, UGA or UF.
  3. Re: N. Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike On White House

    Now that is a capital idea, I will drink to that.
  4. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    Bill, you have me totally confused.
  5. Re: SEC coaching hot seats (or lack thereof...)

    IIRC, Malzahn is a native of Texas and spent quite a few years coaching at the high school level in Arkansas. He was used by Nutt to get Mustain, Williams and Cleveland (?) all from Gus's team. I do...
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    Re: Urban Meyer's Wife on the SEC, Florida Fans.

    I think she was trying to cloak her message, but I agree with buzz that was ultimately her message.
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    Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    IIRC, the NCAA basketball Final Four has not had a consolation game in many years. Maybe it is a sign of the times that being #1 in everything, especially sports, makes for bad winners and bad...
  8. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    As if anybody really cares.
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    Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Auburn

    [QUOTE=deliveryman35;2420401]A reasonable prediction based on last years performance, IMO. Many people forget how young their team was last yr. malzahn has a qb and more experienced team going into...
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    Re: Top 5 Concerns for a 2014 Title run

    I don't know statistically about FGs between 30-40 yards either, but it seems every year auburn has a world class FG kicker who appears to be very consistent at that range and beyond. I just don't...
  11. Question: Re: How crazy it would be if SEC and ACC and then Big 10 and Big 12 combine?

    SEC 14 teams, ACC 14 teams, Big 10 14 teams, Big XII 10 teams, PAC 12 12 teams = 64 teams.

    Somebody should be able to shift 5 conferences with 64 teams into 4 16 team conferences. The remaining...
  12. Question: Re: Who Will be Bama's Most Likely Heisman Contender in 2014?

    No disrespect intended, but no one on this year's team.
  13. Re: Oklahoma Running Back Joe Mixon allegedly Knocks out Female Victim

    Same story, different program, again.
  14. News Article: Re: Georgia linebacker Davin Bellamy arrested for DUI

    Repeat and rinse, same story different program.
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    Re: Top 5 Concerns for a 2014 Title run

    If the good news is that we have 3 returning OL starters then that may not be such good news. If we are to win the SEC West, the SECC and be one of the final 4 we desperately need a dominant OL and a...
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