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    Re: Bergdahl released

    Guess we'll see how well it works. Some are skeptical...
  2. Re: France crash: Germanwings plane obliterated, data recorder found

    It's definitely one of the things they should be looking for. And, if the co-pilot was muslim,...
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    Re: Where's Putin?

    Where's SavannahDare?
  4. Re: Yulin China Dog Meat Eating Festival--10000 Dogs Eaten

    Meh. I don't care if they eat dog. Save your outrage for the people that are persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and killed in China. I'm not down with torturing any animal (even cats ;)), but I'm...
  5. Re: Cop kills 19 yr old in Madison, WI - protests erupt

    Letting facts get in the way is often racist too.
  6. Re: Tide Fans was down for much of the afternoon?

    In the lingo I've become accustomed to, power-cycle.
  7. Re: Tide Fans was down for much of the afternoon?



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    Re: Hillary's E-Mail Problem
  9. Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    The Greek socialist's reform proposal for cracking down on tax evasion is a goodie, hire Greeks to spy and inform on Greeks.

    "Spreading a sense of justice", more like a sense of distrust.
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    Re: RV Travel Trailer recommendations

    I kinda pictured you as wanting a MRAP.

  11. Re: Breast size preference may reveal mens' attitudes toward women

    Seems judgmental to me. If I'm oppressive and sexist, that should be celebrated. I was born that way.
  12. Link: Eric Holder, the ATF and Seized Property

    More transparency and such. Please tell me you don't have a problem with this, VJ. ;)

    I believe goats are exempt,...
  13. Re: Obama wants to make the internet a utility


    I dunno. You should want to be organized. He is a top-notch organizer.
  14. Re: Uh-oh, Shaggy...

  15. Re: Obama wants to make the internet a utility

    Dude, what else do you need? You've been fully informed. It's what's best for us. Get with the program.
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