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  1. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    Hopefully he will land at a program where he'll experience success. It worked out well for Dee Hart. Best of luck to him.
  2. Re: Paterno to get his 111 vacated wins restored

    Meanwhile, OJ is still searching for the real killer...
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    What really stings is that I think Bama also would've easily beaten the Ducks. The real national championship game was in New Orleans.

    Congrats to the Buckeyes.
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    Re: Fun JK Scott statistic

  5. Question: Re: Coach Saban vs Coach Meyer...Friendly Discussion

    Meyer left a mess at Florida. Saban left a monster at LSU.
  6. Re: Blake Sims Is On The Latest Cover Of Sports Illustrated

    They're not willing to make a case for Jameis. :biggrin:
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    Re: CNS talks about helping DJ Pettway

    There was an insightful article about Pettway on ESPN a couple of months ago.

    I'm relieved that Pettway has made the most of his opportunity, but my sympathy goes to the...
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    Re: CNS talks about helping DJ Pettway

    I have mixed emotions about the Pettway situation. I love Saban, agree with him on most issues, and agree that college kids sometimes need to get a second chance.

    The dilemma is that DJ helped...
  9. Re: Mal Moore Autobiography: Crimson Heart Let Me Tell You My Story

    "The Storm and the Tide" is another great book for Bama fans.
  10. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    Last night I was telling my wife that Amari Cooper is the best receiver Alabama has ever had. Five minutes later, I turned on Monday Night Football and watched Julio rack up the 18th most receiving...
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    Re: Early Point Spreads

    For some reason I think FSU takes Oregon. FSU is sloppy and undisciplined, but they have SEC caliber athletes and they know how to win. They will show up in the Rose Bowl.

    Oregon has played SEC...
  12. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    Everybody always says this about LSU. Yet our record in Baton Rouge since 1964 is 20-5-1. We beat them there for almost 30 straight years, from 1971 to 2000. Folks, it just ain't that tough... :wink:
  13. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    I must be getting old, because I agree with the fuddy duddies. I'd prefer they get rid of Dixieland Delight - but mainly because the song glorifies TENNESSEE. Surely we can find something better to...
  14. Re: Thanksgiving Vizio Commercial Features Alabama Football

    Ha! Great ad.

    I have bought 5 Vizios over the years. Four of those sets have been great. One, sadly, was a lemon. (Ironically it was the most expensive of the bunch.)

    As for 4k, the TV industry...
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    Re: Good morning from Reuben Foster

    I once had a coach who told us, "Football isn't a contact sport. Football is a collision sport."

    For his own health, I hope Reuben starts tackling with his head up. But...what a hit!
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