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    Re: Bergdahl released

    So Obama (maybe illegally) traded 5 Taliban guys for one American who the government is now charging with a capital offense.

    In retrospect maybe the US could have just sent the terrorists 5...
  2. Re: New legislation to repeal the Patriot Act

    But it's the law! It's settled!
  3. Re: France crash: Germanwings plane obliterated, data recorder found

    If it's explosive decompression you lose approximately 50% of TUC. So at 38k 20-40 seconds becomes 10-20 seconds. If you get disoriented 10 seconds goes by very quickly.
  4. Re: France crash: Germanwings plane obliterated, data recorder found

    What I've read is that it was a fairly quick loss of cabin pressure. Just enough time to go through a few basic steps before the pilots passed out. As more info comes out the theories will change.
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    Re: That racist OU frat

    So apparently OU finds racist statements to be much more offensive than domestic violence/assaulting women.

    Don't forget that Joe Mixon is being paid by the University of Oklahoma to play football...
  6. Re: Man injured in CA plane crash - reported to be Harrison Ford
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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    So the poll results show a majority of posters don't think there will be a coaching change. I wonder what the numbers would be if we started the poll anew. Surely a lot of people would change their...
  8. Link: Re: Nico Johnson Says Blake Barnett Reminds Him of Ryan Mallett

    Ryan Mallett isn't a guy I'd want a Bama QB compared to. He was petulant, easily rattled and had a long, slow delivery. He's tall and has a strong arm, but at Arkansas he didn't show a lot of...
  9. Re: Levi Randolph Accomplishes Goal: Named Second Team Academic All-American

    This news is certainly a bright spot in a rocky season. Grant does a good job getting quality kids and instilling discipline off the court.
  10. Link: Re: Nico Johnson Says Blake Barnett Reminds Him of Ryan Mallett

    Uh... thanks?
  11. Link: Re: Report: Freddie Roach to Join Coaching Staff

    Freddie Pope!

    Part of one of the best Bama defenses of my life (2005).
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    Re: Rolando facing suspension per ESPN

    Some people are just so... dumb they don't know any better. I teach at a school in a part of town with lots of kids with no daddies, moms with multiple baby-daddies and not a lot of money. These kids...
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    Re: J. Winston's Impressive Physique

    Tom Brady at the combine in 2000:

    Ben Roethlisberger:
  14. Re: Rule Change Proposal: Ineligible Man Downfield Decreased to One Yard

    Blocking downfield applies to pass plays, not running plays. It won't hurt GT's offense.

    As has been said, it'll hurt the teams that use a spread option attack. The read option/pass play won't be...
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    Re: Mario Cristobal : how would you grade him?

    Cristobal was named national recruiter of the year.
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