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  1. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    this is going to look way different in fall. will probably be kelly, hasseslhoff, casher
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    Re: Alabama Pro Day #1 Today

    'Mentioned he can't throw it 80 yards in the air, but who can? '

    jamarcus russell, and probably david cornwell. he can throw it 60 yards while on the run, wouldnt be surprised if he could...
  3. Re: NCAA to allow widespread usage of eight-man officiating crews

    i propose a new rule. any offensive coach that speaks to a ref complaining about pace of play or pressuring them to move faster than is conducive to officiating the game fairly is immediately...
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    Re: DT Matt Elam Updates

    seems legit
  5. Re: *** 2014 WR / RB Bo Scarbrough commits to Alabama ***

    yes, he would make a great safety
  6. Re: Florida OG Montrel McBride commits to Alabama

    i fully expect this guy, hasselhoff, dwight, and smith all to be reevaluated to 4 stars before signing day. pretty much all out current 3 stars besides the kicker and the tag along safety
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    Link: Re: Cameron Robinson down to Bama and LSU

    you forgot barrett jones started as left tackle as well and did not go in the first round
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    Question: Re: Hansen v. Cornwell...

    i meant any bama quarterback
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    Question: Re: Hansen v. Cornwell...

    cornwell had 750 yards on the ground and like 6 touchdowns in his junior season, which is more than the top rated dual-threat qb this year (Harris):biggrin2:. thats why cornwell is so exciting, he...
  10. Link: Re: 2013 CO QB Luke Del Rio

    dont know about stronger arm. bateman has a canon for an arm. there are throws in his junior highlight film of him throwing it 70 yards in the air with no problem. The ginger kid looks like he has...
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    Re: DL Montravius Adams Updates

    if he wants to rush the passer, he better go to a school that runs a 3-4. He is already about 50lbs too heavy for a 4-3 DE at most schools. He would be playing inside at any 4-3 school such as...
  12. Re: A&M 33 Commits, UGA 30...I thought the limit was 25?

    a&m also only signed 19 in 2012 cycle, dont know how they are going to justify more than 31, unless they have some guys committed who they know cant qualify. they still seem to be recruiting people.
  13. Re: A&M 33 Commits, UGA 30...I thought the limit was 25?

    uga only signed like 19 last year, so i think they can count at least 6 spots to the next class if those kids are EEs. dont know about a&m, but im guessing a similar situation.
  14. Re: *** QB Cooper Bateman Commits to Alabama *** (See Page 18)

    against the same team last year he threw something like 260 and 3 touchdowns. perhaps his team has regressed some?
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    Re: Top Remaining Target

    what i cant figure out is why he didnt go to ol miss? they would have taken his whole high school team.
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