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  1. Re: Interesting Fact About Regular Season Losses

    The only time I saw it happen was against Utah in the Sugar Bowl.
  2. Interesting Fact About Regular Season Losses

    So I was bored and decided to look at Bama's regular season schedule since CNS arrived. One thing that's been apparent, when we lose, we barely lose.

    Since 2007, Bama has played 104 regular season...
  3. Re: be sure and catch the new Derrick thomas documentary on tonight at 8

    45 sacks his last two seasons, including 27 his senior year. The GOAT
  4. Game Thread Re: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Ole Miss (ESPN 8:15 CDT)...

    It's been baffling me for years why the "sports experts" slot college games at three hours apiece. College game RARELY last only three hours. Just don't understand why they didn't start UGA-USC 30-45...
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    Re: Yeldon to the Jags

    The Jags aren't a terrible franchise. Yes, the last 8 years have been pretty bad, but it's not like there's not been some success.

    Two AFC championship appearances in the first five years of...
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    Re: New coach search...

    Couldn't agree more.

    It's like going on Facebook and saying, "Well, I went after Peggy Sue, but she just wasn't feeling it. She's the one I really wanted. Is anyone else interested?"

  7. Re: Gary Patterson and TCU Visiting Tuscaloosa to Learn from the Bama Staff

    If Bama had been in the Big 12 in '14, they may just have ranked equal, or behind, TCU in defense.

    '14 wasn't a stellar defensive season for Bama standards, if we're being honest.
  8. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    JJ de-cleating Hines Ward.
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    Re: Tim Tebow's reaction to Bama being behind

    No fan of Tebow, but I can't seem to figure out how his comments or speeches affected how our guys played against Ohio State.
  10. Re: JK Scott... Wow, what a punt under pressure

    Quarterbacks have been getting hit after their passes have been released since the invention of the forward pass.
  11. Need Parking Pass for Friday/Saturday of SECCG - Yellow Lot

    I know it's probably a shot in the dark, but I need a parking pass in the Yellow Lot (motor home parking - tow pass) for both Friday AND Saturday. Could meet in Atlanta Friday afternoon.
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    Game Thread Re: Mizzou vs. Arkansas


    Clearly a fumble.
  13. Re: Movie being made about Woodlawn High and Tony Nathan

    Caleb Castille will be playing Nathan.
  14. Re: A House Divided in Mississippi- "Dad, Why does Alabama always win?"

    I'd probably consider it. IJS
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    Re: Appreciation for Adam Griffith once again

    JK has kicked in mop up duty for a reason. It's not like the staff is trying to give Griffith a break.
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