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  1. Re: Steve Sarkisian Apologizes for Behavior at Trojans Kickoff Event

    I agree with Crimson Audio. It would be awful hard for me to look 18-20 year old kids in the face and discipline them after pulling a stunt like this.
  2. Link: Re: Trump, love him or hate him, he draws a crowd...

    Donald Trump aka the Charles Barkley of politics, he just tells everyone what he thinks whether you like it or not. It is kind of nice in not having a politician run for president.
  3. Re: Americans who stop terrorist on train to receive high honor from France

    Thank goodness 3 men, in this case American men, stopped the gunman. France should recognize these men for what they did to save lives.
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    Re: jimmy carter announces he has cancer

    I always hate to hear bad health news about anyone. The Carter family has my prayers.
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    Re: School starts way too early!

    I have taught in buildings without AC in August, September and even into October and it is MISERABLE!
  6. Re: Arian Foster goes public as a non-believer

    I have really enjoyed reading the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of everyone who has posted on this topic. The thing that is most amazing is that the discussion has been done in an adult manner. WE,...
  7. Re: NFL Hall of Famer Frank Gifford Dead at 84

    Frank Gifford is known for his days on MNF but he also did a other sports for ABC. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  8. Re: Arian Foster goes public as a non-believer

    Everyone has a right to their opinion.
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    Re: How Easy Is The Road For OSU?

    Michigan State is the only legitimate team that has a shot to beat OSU IMO. I do not see Virginia Tech, Penn State or anyone else on that schedule that will beat them on paper. Unless OSU has a...
  10. Link: Re: 22 years ago yesterday, Ryan whips Robin Ventura's rear end

    Ventura should have never charged Nolan Ryan. I understand the unwritten rules of baseball because I have been part of the game for some time. You should never, ever throw at an opposing player to...
  11. Link: Re: Craig James suing Fox Sports for Religious Discrimination

    I have no issue with FOX firing James. I also agree he will get a settlement of some kind out of all of this. Hopefully, the evangelical base does not allow this to drive them, at least this person...
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    Re: School starts way too early!

    State laws determine only the number of days/hours a school must be in session per year, most are 180 days or over 1,000 hours but a few are longer and some are shorter. In Ohio, where I am a...
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    Re: SI top 25

    nd always makes a splash in preseason. I hope they lose every game they play once again this season and every season!!!! Seeing them on a top anything list makes me want to cuss.
  14. Re: Random quarterback observation I just had

    You 'beat' me to it.
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    Re: RIP Joe King

    Dude had so much potential but trouble always found him. Sorry to hear about his death.
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