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    Re: SEC in post season....3-0 so far!

    nope. Can't do it. I'll be perfectly happy with the SEC being 12-1 with the boogs losing and Bama with another national title.
  2. Re: Biggest Concern vs. OSU? / Mine of Alabama.

    As others have stated, the weakness in the defensive secondary against the long ball.

    I'm also very concerned about our inability to kick field goals.
  3. Re: Bowls: proof my conference can beat your conference

    me, too. I never want that cow college to win at anything. Ditto for the Orange puke from knoxville.
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    Re: Playoff coaches picture

    LOL....exactly what I just told my wife.
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    Re: Les Miles and Michigan

    They were talking about the possibility of Dan Mullen to Michigan today on Finebaum.
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    Re: Next Year's returning players

    IMO, most NFL teams put so little emphasis on the RB position now I don't think any RB other than Melvin Gordon and Gurley will go in the first couple rounds. Yeldon did not have a great year this...
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    Re: Update On Kenyan Drake's Injury

    Bo Scarbrough could work his way into that rotation, too.
  8. Re: Best coaching call of the year: CNS hires CLK

    Never in a million years could I have foreseen Lane Kiffin as the OC @ Alabama. But, he's done an amazing job and am so happy Saban hired him. Hope we get to hang on to both of them for a while.
  9. Re: Pick the score: Missouri vs. Alabama (SECCG)

    and we always seem to draw the "good" QB no matter who it is (Mettenberger, Bo Wallace, etc.)
  10. Re: Eddie Lacy wingman in the victory formation

    got that right, but since the Falcons are having such a bad year I'm on the Green Bay bandwagon (again.)
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    Re: Tammy calls PAWL

    i thought it was good, too. Really enjoyed the analysis of the plays from the panel by people who have actually played in the SEC and Iron Bowl. I learned quite a bit.
  12. Game Thread Re: GEORGIA vs GT game thread (ACC vs SEC GAME THREAD)

    The 60's were a very long time ago and I am forced to live in Georgia right now. I loved it.
  13. Re: I am glad we'll face Mizzou and here is why

    Yes. Came in here to post this. ^^^^^
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    Re: Coaches records against Auburn

    Yeah, me too.
  15. Game Thread Re: Florida State vs Boston College (ABC)

    No way they leave an undefeated FSU out.
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