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  1. Link: Re: Pro Football Focus' 10 Most Unstoppable Forces

    It still amazes me that the linesman didn't flag Tim for being offsides on that play (most would). That looks like more of a combination of Tim's explosiveness and a truly fantastic snap count jump.
  2. Re: Newcomer Mack Wilson Tweets Picture Illustrating the Speed on the Team

    Is Xavian Marks considered a WR then? He is supposed to have elite level speed, and I thought he was originally an RB.
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    Re: Illinois cancels Spring game

    While I can certainly agree with your comment in some aspects, take Blake Sims' performance in the 2014 A-Day game as the ultimate non-example of the spring scrimmage being a strong indicator of...
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    Re: Listening to Fox Sports this morning

    Yeah, this whole thread is full of fail. At least this guy gave me a good laugh before he gets shown the door.
  5. Game Thread Re: AJ starting a Playoff Game - Bengals v Steelers

    Totally agree. If he holds on to the ball, you run them out of timeouts, kick a short field goal, and they have to go 75+ AND score a touchdown. Burfict and Jones' penalties never happen if Hill...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    Amen. Great stuff.
  7. Re: Tight End Miller Forristall Commits to Alabama ***

    My God, you're not kidding. I just watched some of the plethora of YouTubey goodness that can be found on Trevor Lawrence, and all I can say is, "Where's Bama's offer?!?!"
  8. Re: Kyle Allen transferring

    I'd love to know what he means when he says that TAMU is "in the proce$$ of attempting to change Murray's mind."
  9. Link: Re: Bramlett and White Radio Call of the Personal Foul and Unsportsmanlike Penalties

    My God, I can see why he would be embarrassed. I read this entire thread without listening to the audio, all the while thinking, "It can't be as bad as they're saying..." Holy moly, was I wrong. ...
  10. Link: Re: Auburn fans named among the Top 5 "classiest" fan bases...Not making this up

    The writer citing the article is indeed a reporter who covers the Barn; however, the author of the ChatSports article seems to have simply picked out one piece of anecdotal evidence from...
  11. Link: Auburn fans named among the Top 5 "classiest" fan bases...Not making this up

    I'm completely at a loss regarding the criteria behind this poll and probably just a sucker for the clickbait, but good Lord this was just too good (and absolutely ridiculous) not to share.
  12. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU - 2nd Half...

    What I can't get past is that he was calling for Minkah to be flagged for the block in the back earlier, but he's willing to let that play go. I think his exact words earlier were, "well that's the...
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    Re: Pick the score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    Like Arkansas...we struggle at first but pull away in the second half.

    Bama rolls into the bye week and a date with LSU after winning 31-13.
  14. Re: High School QB Spikes the Ball and Gets Intercepted

    "Contact below the headset..." Love it!
  15. Re: Blake Sims to CFL's Toronto Argonauts (now released)

    Nice. Thanks for that.
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