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    Re: 19 Dead, 20 Injured In Tokyo Knife Attack

    While this is terrible, I am a proud knife owner. Butter knife, steak knife, you name it...
  2. Re: RIO 2016 - Games of the XXXI Olympiad - August 5-21

    This will be an interesting Olympics, but not for the right reasons. Brazil is a second-world (at best) cesspool. Russia is banned and many of the best athletes are scared to go there.

  3. Re: Woman Having Sex On Tracks Decapitated By Passing Train

    Assuming it was a man she was having sex with, did he finish?
  4. Weird News Re: The third X in our tic-tac-toe of babes and death threads for today.

    I once knew a "moron" who always wore a cup. I now see that he was wiser than Yoda.
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    Re: How much do you guys pay for a hair cut?

    I don't think Trump gets his hair cut per se. More like installed.
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    Re: How much do you guys pay for a hair cut?

    Exactly the same for me.
  7. Thread: It's ramadan!

    by OreBama

    Re: It's ramadan!

    I'll join you, brother. I usually do all that on days that end in "y" anyway.
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    Re: Attempted rapist cries in mugshot

    Is he crying because he's disappointed that he failed to be a full-fledged rapist? Or maybe he's crying, because he's going to jail with that haircut.
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    Re: Stubbornness is a tough fault to overcome.

    I think that you're right to be frustrated in your sibling's lack of trust. It is very disrespectful to you and your wife. I know that it may be easier to give in, but I wouldn't. It sounds like...
  10. Re: Muhammad Ali on Life Support

    Although he was one of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever and even better showman, Ali was also a deplorable racist and a draft dodger. I have trouble reconciling all that. We shall never see his...
  11. Re: Just a little pet peeve of mind I need to get off my chest for today.

    Silverback. I'm glad to see you're doing well. I heard you were shot in Cincinnati last weekend.

    Forgive me. I couldn't resist.
  12. Re: UK mother with 8 kids may have to go to work because of capped benefits

    Just three more and she'll have a football team.
  13. Re: back, knee or hip pain ... all caused by dbs

    I'm not particularly old, but I've had back problems all my adult life. I can certainly relate as I fit the bill.

    I wonder if going the Kim Kardashian route and getting butt implants would help.;)
  14. Re: New Poll Shows 90% Of Native Americans Are NOT Offended by Redskins Team Name

    We learn something new everyday, huh.

    For those too lazy to search, "ole miss" is what slaves called the wife of a plantation owner.

    It sounds like a fair term to use. However, we should...
  15. Re: Fast Forward: Gilligan's Island 50 Years Later

    The good news is that her cleavage distracts from the dumpster fire that is her face. The bad news: everything else.
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