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    Re: Early Odds for Week 6 Games of Note

    I'll take Oklahoma to cover
    Also, I'll put whatever money I have on Northwestern to cover against Michigan.
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    Re: Mark Richt is a Good Man?

    How much of it is Richt and how much of it was us - and how impressive we were. Is there any team in the country that could have beat us on Saturday? Ole Miss would have lost by 21, the way OSU...
  3. JessN: Re: Georgia preview: Bulldogs are masters of efficiency

    I am in Austin right now - getting ready to do a Marketing event with my best customer - and its not over til 2:00 pm. I will be driving home, past Waco during our game. Does anyone known if...
  4. JessN: Re: Georgia preview: Bulldogs are masters of efficiency

    Here is my problem with this analysis. I agree with everything said - but what is not included is who wins - when our offense goes against their defense?
    Who wins when our defense goes against...
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    Re: Tennessee or LSU

    I have been to a couple of games at LSU and they were wonderful - the tailgatting is amazing. But get there early - like 4 hours before the game, and wander around through the scene - have a couple...
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    RB Update and Questions

    I'm hoping others on here know more than I do about this.
    I'm concerned about our RB depth -

    Derek Henry - our Stud this year

    Behind him?
    Bo is out for a bit - and recovering from injury...
  7. Re: Cooper is gonna embarrass a lot of CBs in the NFL...

    So, in my Fantasy Draft, where should I take him? I think I can get him in the 4th or 5th round -
  8. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Update

    This is precisely why Saban schedules games at Jerry World - to recruit in the state of Texas!! We did it before in the Georgia Dome, and we started getting some really good players out of Georgia.
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    Re: FSU Players Banned From Bars

    I live in Texas, and if you are under 21 years old you cannot get into a bar. Sure, there are exceptions, like if they serve food and alcohol, but Jimbo didn't tell them they could not eat. He told...
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    Re: FSU Players Banned From Bars

    Ok, I may be stating the obvious, but, the drinking age is still 21, right? So, if you are playing college football, you are most probably not 21 years old yet. So, if the bars are doing what they...
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    Re: Predict our friends at LSU 2015

    Look at their schedule - weren't they ones complaining about us not playing anyone out of conference a couple of years ago?
    Even the article from CFN, doesn't address it properly - says their...
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    Re: Welcome to Alabama, Coach Avery Johnson!

    Lets see who he recruits -
  13. Re: Alabama and Florida State The Likely 2017 Opener At New Falcons Stadium

    2015 Bama vs Wisconsin
    2016 Bama vs USC (still on??)
    2017 Bama vs FSU

    What a way to start a season!!
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    Re: First Trip to Tiger Stadium

    I envy you - I wish I could go as well, but business does not allow it this year. I've been twice and had just a phenomenal time. The tail gating is the best I've ever seen - the people are...
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    Re: Sagarin Pole??

    Oh, and I just checked - the Dallas Cowboys are ranked 15th - with a 5 win 1 loss team.
    KC Chiefs with a 2-3 record and NO Saints with a 2-3 record are both ranked above them -

    NO - 30th most...
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