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  1. Re: Sharpton's daughter climbs Bali mountain after suing NYC for ankle injury.

    this. Jesse Jackson used his influence to get his son a plum job. Sharpton following a similar path it seems. I'm really hoping she gets made an example of. Who sues for spraining an ankle...
  2. News Article: Re: Tom Brady likely knew of 'inappropriate activities,' Deflategate report says

    The ruling is a joke. The report made several assumptions in its analysis (specifically regarding the gauge used by the ref; he believed he used one, but report claims he used the other to make the...
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    Re: Slow recruiting class

    2 commits today should make the OP feel better.

    I think Saban likes seeing players in person. After summer camps, we will have a few more I'm sure.
  4. Re: *** 2018 OL Dare Rosenthal Commits to Alabama***

    Great addition! Yes, it's early and he has a long time to change his mind, but he's obviously extremely talented and you can't teach size. Looks like a great OT. Roll Tide!
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    Re: ***2016 DB Joshua Perry Commits to Alabama***

    Great pickup!! Roll Tide! Great size for S and good speed!
  6. JessN: Re: The next draft class could be one of Bama’s biggest

    Things obviously change with strong/poor seasons or injuries, but I'd guess our early entrants are Henry, Howard, Allen, and Robinson (whileJackson declaring is more dependent on his season).
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    Re: 2016 HJUCO OT Garret Bolles

    Yep. Cotton may get a bit of trial by fire when he gets on campus this year, especially if Hill can't come back. We need at least one JUCO OT in our '16 class.
  8. Link: Re: Four-star OG Deonte Brown Commits To Alabama

    Great addition! The negative on him is his weight and technique. He has crazy athleticism for his size. Technique he can learn and SC will help him get fit. I like adding players that play with...
  9. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    He will go early second round now. Surprised he wasn't the first safety off the board as he was consensus top safety in draft by a good margin. Someone is getting a great deal
  10. Re: Diary of a Draftee's Mom: April Justin on Her Baby, Landon Collins

    This. If he isn't keeping her at arm's length, he should. She's going to demand a lot from him once he gets a paycheck despite that fact HSV.
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    Re: Addiction: disease or choice?

    I think we can throw one more term in the ring. I agree it starts as a choice; before it becomes a disease (it triggers physiological responses involuntarily), I think you can throw habit in there. ...
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    Re: Got to meet Billy Napier Today!

    Good story. Very cool!! Now, the bigger question is, isyour student going going to end up at Bama? ��
  13. Re: Police officer in South Carolina shoots man in the back 8 times.

    Ah ok. I hadn't followed this too closely as it seems like a simple case of murder. That's ridiculous for court costs then. I guess they are trying to hit him with interest because I've never seen...
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    Re: Dr Lou out at ESPN

    I thought he was funny when he wasn't "outraged" at something. He and May were pretty funny together. I'd much rather Holtz return than someone like Kannell who is just a pot stirrer for the sake/...
  15. Re: Police officer in South Carolina shoots man in the back 8 times.

    The $30k is unpaid child support, not court costs. I don't know about SC, but in Texas, minimum child support, depending on the number of kids a guy has, is around $200/month (we take a percentage of...
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