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    Re: Week 1 College football playoff poll released

    I am ok with this. We win. We are in. Keep in mind Oregon's offensive line was decimated. The committee takes into consideration these kinds of things among others. You cannot just compare loss...
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    Re: Alabama-LSU is 7:00 Kickoff on November 8

    Makes for a long one for me because I booked late a hotel in Lafayette. Ugh.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT - Postgame Thread****

    Hope we can heal up. It was left on the field tonight. Their QB play likely surprised us. That was probably the best first game performance of a QB I have witnessed. Proud our our resiliency...
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    Re: One more A&M joke...

    That game was "Aggie"nizing to watch if you were an A&M fan.
  5. Re: WVU students not content with just burning furniture this week

    After the LSU game a year or two ago, a friend of mine witnessed a mob beating up one LSU fan and the guys pregnant wife had to jump on hum trying to save him from being beaten to death. If you ever...
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    Re: "Say something nice" threads

    Incredible fan base. And my wife is an Aggie. Had I known they were going to join the SEC, I would have had to think about it a little more before proposing. No, that last comment is not in blue...
  7. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    This one takes Nick backwards to throwing the headset. Bobby didn't look so comfortable on the sideline at the end of the game.
  8. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    Probably icing on the proverbial cake at this point. That last loss was another layer of icing. I think it is clear the direction of the program is headed the wrong way so his days are numbered.
  9. Poll: Re: Which is the best Bama vs southern miss memory

    Or me watching Collier run all over the field on us. Not the "best" but certainly my most memorable southern miss moment. Sigh.
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    Re: Terrible Night for the Big Ten!

    And Nebraska
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    Re: Best Running Back College Tandem Ever?

    Andrews, Cribbs and Brooks at Auburn was another great set of backs in the backfield.
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    Re: Allen HS QB picks aTm, just like his father

    Having watched him in high school, yes...he is a Manziel clone. Great talent and very elusive.
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    Re: RB Roc Thomas Commits to Auburn

    He grew up an alabama fan but going after him last minute will pose quite a challenge if we want him. It was my understanding Mixon wanted to come to Bama as well. Seems we went all out for LF. ...
  14. Link: Re: CBS, Tim Brando Parting Ways After 18 Years Together

    ​breaks my heart
  15. Re: Do You Feel the Selection Committee Will "Get it Right" or do you have concerns?

    Call me a cynic. If we kept the BCS and then took the top 4, that would be awesome. But a committee will take into consideration whether or not a team won the conference championship which will...
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