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    Game Thread Re: Upset? #2 Florida State @ #25 Louisville

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up Louisville
  2. Re: 'If Colt hadn't got hurt' is now in the official sports lexicon

    See what happens Colt doesn't get hurt. Now if he can make it thru the season the Redskins will win the Super Bowl.......
  3. Re: ESPN's Local Troll Danny Kannel Shows That "SEC Bias"

    He wants to keep a second SEC team out because he knows there is no way his beloved Criminoles could beat 2 SEC teams in a row.
  4. Re: FSU's Karlos Williams Under Investigation for Domestic Violance

    Just a few years another team in Florida let the inmates run the asylum. Florida is still paying the price for that Urban letting it get out of control. Karma is a b*tch and I hope it comes back on...
  5. Re: ESPN's Local Troll Danny Kannel Shows That "SEC Bias"

    He knows that if FSU was in the SEC they wouldn't even be in the discussion. That is why daddy Bowden ducked the SEC and joined the ACC.
  6. Re: Typical UT 'class' - UT's director of Football Operations tried to trip player

    It must be something about those puke orange shirts that causes low class.
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    Re: Kansas fires Charlie Weis

    With the way those teams looked when he was the coach he wasn't doing much coaching.
  8. Re: Will Kiffin Coach From The Sideline Or The Press Box?

    The REC controls EVERYTHING. LOL
  9. Re: Bo Pelini suggests Ole Miss dirty in its recruiting tactics

    Ole Mi$$ sends it's money out to laundered so it won't be dirty so Pelini is mistaken.
  10. Re: Strong kicks ANOTHER player from the Whorns

    Aubarn will have enough players to field 2 teams at this rate.
  11. Re: Auburn DL Tyler Nero Passes Out During Practice's "Pace" Drill

    Rugby players also don't wear helmets.
  12. Re: Water's Wet. Fat Meat's Greasy.4 UGA Players Arrested

    None of them were QB's so it makes it a little less likely.
  13. JessN: Re: Commentary: Furor over HUNH offenses wonít end quickly

    Anthony Swain says hey. The William Shatner of the flop.
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    Re: Proposed 10 second rule change shelved.

    Just don't ask the barn how to flop. They flopped when they tried to flop.
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    Re: Former Bama RB Alvin Kamara Arrested

    He doesn't play QB.
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