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    Re: First time at Bryant Denny

    We will be going to U3K above the press box. I'm curious if there's an elevator.

    And, any advice on parking? I hear you can park downtown and take a shuttle to the stadium, but we have a special...
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    Re: Who All Is Going To The Florida Game?

    We will be in section U3K, up above the press box. Three questions?
    Is it covered? (it appears to be)
    Is there an elevator?
    What's the best place to park on that side of BDS?
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    Re: Pick the score: Florida vs. Alabama

    Bama 28
    Florida 14 (one of their scores is special teams)

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    Re: Pick the score: So. Miss. vs. Alabama

  5. Re: First Post - Defensive Coaching Mentality vs. Defensive Problems

    I've noticed this as well.
    The thing that bugs me is that we seem to stall on key drives. We have silly penalties, or we can't convert 3rd and 1, or a wipe-open receiver drops a perfectly thrown...
  6. Re: Things You Want to See More of in Week Two (My Seven Things)

    I want us to come out angry, especially on defense. I don't want FAU to cross midfield.

    Twice, in the past two seasons, I have heard that Auburn got mad. Last year after they got smacked by...
  7. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    Would somebody be kind enough to explain to me what "lock down corner" means?
    Obviously, there is something that our corners are not doing that they should be doing, but I don't know the mechanics...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. WVU - Postgame Thread****

    I'm impressed with Blake, even beyond my expectations.

    And our kicking game looked great.

    But I am really concerned about the defense, especially pass coverage.
  9. Re: hypothetical: which win would mean the most to you?

    The national championship game would be most satisfying for me. In order of most satisfying to least:
    1. The national championship win over FSU
    2. Waxing OU
    3. Beating AU

    I would actually put...
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2014: Auburn Tigers

    I would like to know, too.
  11. News Article: Re: Behind Hogs' 'Momma's Boys,' Bielema Confident of an Upset on Saturday at Auburn

    Aren't they all? :)
  12. Re: Evolving the Option: The Pop Pass and the Future of Football

    I am far from being an expert on anything, much less football, but it seems to me like the approach would be playing extremely disciplined man-to-man defense, and tell the players to stay with your...
  13. Link: View Post

    You'll notice, except perhaps Oregon and Washington, that the hated teams are all the traditional powers: Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, Southern Cal, Alabama, etc.

    You'll also notice who's not on...
  14. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    Much appreciated. I wonder what a crisp jog is.
  15. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    I cannot watch the video. Would someone be willing to summarize what Shaw said? Are SEC officials going to actually do anything about this?
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