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  1. Re: Stephen Hawking Says "God Particle" Could Wipe Out The Universe

    I used to be religious and talked about dying a lot. ;) Around here in my neck of the woods everyone would be praying he lives another 50 and praising God for making it happen. Of course if he dies...
  2. Re: Stephen Hawking Says "God Particle" Could Wipe Out The Universe

    We all gonna die soon. Its just what your definition of soon is in comparative time. Since in his condition all he has to do is sit and think, I wouldn't blame him if he has thought of death more...
  3. Re: "We need to worry more about what the crazy Christians than what Islam is doing."

    Psalms 137:9 - "Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks."

    Numbers 31:17-18 - "Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man,but save for...
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    Re: Visualizing our place in the universe

    There is. :)
  5. Thread: A Personal Update

    by MOAN

    Re: A Personal Update

    Nah! She knows I won't cheat with that side of herself! ;)
  6. Thread: A Personal Update

    by MOAN

    Re: A Personal Update

    Selma, I have been married for over 32 years to the same bipolar, schizophrenic, Lilith of a woman, that has brought me every desperate, worthless, exasperated, maddening, suicidal, emotion and...
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    Re: *** WR Calvin Ridley Commits to Alabama ***

    I am just guessing here, but I believe he was 100% sure when he committed. How many months ago was that? 95% sure as heck is better than 5%, but until they sign the dotted line in February you're...
  8. Link: View Post

    On the flip side I would be willing to bet Bama is one of if not the most loved team in college football!!!
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    Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    I had actually come to think that the rules had changed about the offense having to all be set for 1 second before the ball could be snapped. What a maroon I am for thinking that lol! ;)
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    Re: Wednesday, August 13 Practices Updates

    I see no reason that Blake can't take this team to another national championship this year. None whatsoever. Nick Marshal was not a big threat with his arm last year and look how far they went with...
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    Re: Open Practice Report from Crimson Cover

    Someone correct me if I am wrong and I am sure you will, but every time in the Saban era that our offense tries to open up with the passing game we lose 2 to 3 games and every time we run the ball...
  12. Re: *** 2015 DT Jonathan Ledbetter Commits to Alabama ***

    I just hope the kid is happy for his brother and does what his heart tells him to do. If he is and does, then I feel good he will be in Tuscaloosa next fall! :)
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    We do now!!! Let the hand wringing begin!! ;)

    The AJC is and always has been, all about Georgia and Georgia Tech and Carvell is all about pumping sunshine for those fans and bashing the King of...
  14. Re: The new dust bowl? Drought Apocalypse approaches as CO River Basin dries up

    Check this link out. "Deep Underground Oceans Of Water May Be Trapped In A Crystal Sponge",...
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    Re: Amazing waste in Afghanistan

    And we gripe and complain about welfare for lazy U.S. citizens. ;) Someone got rich building those vehicles and someone is going to get rich scrapping them. Certainly not the U.S. taxpayer but...
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