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  1. Re: Okla City writer's spin on Stoops and the SEC

    Didn't Stoops have to do all this. The program was becoming irrelevant, which represents Stoops. Loosing bowl games to some teams he should have never lost to. A conference that went from having a...
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    Re: Colorado State game tonight

    Brewer is a gamer.
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    Re: Colorado State game tonight

    At least its not the red turf!
  4. Re: The O-Line is the most important part of the this year's team

    This is the bottom line. Keep mixing it up and spread the ball around is the next step on O. Quicker LB decisions and win the battle one on one with DBs. No matter who plays out there.
  5. Link: Re: Alabama Film Review with Nick Saban and Greg McElroy (video link)

    That was awesome! I would love to see more Xs and Os stuff with Coach like that.
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    Re: A-Day Game Good, Bad, and Ugly

    I see some classic Bama ball coming our way. The D will be asked to do alot this season. But we wouldn't have it any other way would we.
  7. Re: HBO RealSports Investigates for 6 Months on Education of Athletes

    I know the 1 and done basketball guys are not getting anything. The minimum for a semester of full time to be eligible. Then they are gone.
  8. Re: Next Season's Schedule Breakdown Has Some Tough Spots

    I will take a 3n out every time. So need to out smart, just accountability.
  9. Re: Oklahoma coach takes shot at saban on twitter.

    Sorry I cannot bite my tongue any longer on this. I live near Norman and work with alot of OU fans. Like all fan bases there bad and good. I happen to work with alot of the bad OU fans. They are...
  10. News Article: Re: Does Saban run the world, or just college football?

    It has alot to do with how the public perceives coach. Some people don't like winners. He is fighting for alot of different things. Personally I am tired of games that have an over of 120 points.
  11. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    Unreal people. I do not have the words. Thank you to Coach and all involved in the last 7 years.

    Would like to put a spotlight on Bo Scarbrough. Has anyone ever given a verbal commitment for...
  12. JessN: Re: Kiffin hired as Alabama offensive coordinator

    A friend sent me this. Is this true.

    Kiffin began working with the University of Southern California (USC) staff during the 2001 season and became the wide receivers coach prior to the 2002...
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    Re: New Poster in the Football Facility

    This is awesome!!! Roll Tide Roll!!! Bring on the Process and the Playoff.
  14. Re: Things to Fix Before We Go After Wholesale Changes in Philosophy

    This is where we will be going again. Count on it! A few tweaks on D to deal with the hurry up and folks getting on board. Can't wait for the Spring and next season. The schedule is setup to make it...
  15. Link: Re: OU RB Clay on UA Defense: 'They're Not the Gods That Everyone (Makes) Them to Be'

    I want to see what Johnny does when he does not have Big Mike or any 6'5 WRs.
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