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    Re: CB Eddie Jackson suffers knee injury...

    Just going to have to wait and see, I suppose. I certainly hope he is at full speed for fall camp and starts on our first defensive series. Seems like injury recovery goes faster every year. Get...
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    Re: First scrimmage in the books

    I've been lucky enough to see a few non-A-Day scrimmages during the Saban era and I'll never again get terribly excited or disappointed about scrimmage numbers. It's better than nothing, of course,...
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    Re: Game 2: Bama @ atTm

    Thanks for the updates, Cuda.
  4. Thread: Prayer Request

    by uaintn

    Re: Prayer Request

    Hope the young man progresses well. That's a good facility. Wrestler from local high school who was paralyzed in a wrestling match in Huntsville got his initial therapy there and has already...
  5. Re: Northwestern Could Drop D-1 Football, If Players Form union

    Well, it's not a surprise that the regional NLRB, in Chicago, found in favor of organizing. They've never seen or heard of a union initiative they didn't just love. The full NLRB (and whether it is...
  6. Link: Re: Update on Ole Miss QB Jeremy Liggins (one time Bama recruit)

    Perhaps he is just "big boned". I do not actually mean to make fun of the young man and for all I know he runs a sub 5 second 40, but my guess is playing four quarters the second week of September...
  7. Re: What would you consider a "success" for the 2014 season?

    Agree with those who say win SEC West. Barn luck will run out. They had three season's worth last year. 10-3 and not playing in Atlanta would be a disappointment with our talent and coaching staff.
  8. Link: Re: Horrible News: Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are Lead SEC Network Announcers

    Yep, going to be another year of synching Eli with the tv pictures. And I agree with those who say this is a big demotion for BM. I don't particularly mind him, step up from Verne, but I'm a...
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    Re: Alabama Defenders at the NFL Combine

    Haha will be a steal for somebody. If he stays healthy, in two seasons some D Coordinator is going to be wondering what they did before he was on the team.

    My prediction is the free agency route...
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    Re: Offensive Line futures discussion

    Interesting discussion for a terribly slow time of year. A couple of things. Coach Pendry is still "around". I believe that his official role is maintaining relationships between the program and...
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    Re: Alabama oversigning?

    Have we ever had a signing class where everyone we signed showed up and was eligible in August? I can't remember it if we did. Between that, academic issues with upperclassman, off season injuries,...
  12. Link: Re: Three Departing Players Explain What Went Wrong in 2013

    I agree that it appeared that at least some players mailed it in against API. IMHO part of the problem is that ever since last January, a lot of people (guilty as charged) considered this a two game...
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    Re: Alabama Juniors Declaring for the NFL Draft

    Agree that Pagan could use another year. But that said, I have no clue about his academic or personal/family situation. Easy for me to say "come back" just based on football.

    Does anyone know...
  14. Re: Dr. Kevin Elko to Coach Saban "It's time to reinvent and rebuild Nick..."

    Maybe a new motivational speaker? Just kidding (in case the sarcasm color doesn't work). But I do think we can expect to see some changes in how Saban prepares the team. Early this year many people...
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    Re: Cyrus Kouandjio stock

    I think he still goes and goes in the first round, though last night plus a less than stellar combine may allow other players to pass him in the pecking order. There will be more than a couple of...
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