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    Re: HUNH Injuries

    I can see the commercials now on tv..."have you been injured by concussion in a football game? the (NAME) law firm now"..:tongue:
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    Re: Thank you Tidefans . . . . .

    This site is like morning coffee....gotta have it. :smile:
  3. News Article: Re: Dak Prescott: MSU Just Needed One More Drive to Beat Alabama

  4. Re: Tennessee Facing Federal Sexual Violence Investigation

    I agree.
  5. Re: Tennessee Facing Federal Sexual Violence Investigation

    Oh brother, is this becoming a college trend, or are schools paying more "attention" to situations like this now that these others have hit so much media.
  6. Re: Excuse or Concern? Saban's Comments About NFL Draft

    Saban is NOT afraid to tell it like it is. If it's on his mind, it's out his mouth. And, I bet a lot of 1st rounders felt that way. Can't fault a man for telling the truth, to which others would not....
  7. Re: How to Spot the Auburn Fans in Your Office

    LMBO! That's some buddies that are Barners. Gonna send em this link, teehee! :tongue:
  8. Re: New Comers' Jersey Numbers, Heights, and Weights Released

    Great, I havta memorize all these again so I'll know who's on the field. Same thing every year. :tongue:
  9. Re: Humor: Escaped NY Prisoners Were Hoping to Join Florida State Football Team

  10. Re: Finebaum guest host calls for Bama to lose five games in '15

    I see that as MOTIVATION for our guys....Let the media downgrade us. I think that will only fill us with more fire to win.
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    Re: To my Tide friends

    Gonna miss the "Snake"
  12. Link: Re: How Meeting With Nick Saban Motivated Darren Lake

    I love how CNS is blunt with these players. Tells them like it is. And I think that's motivation right there.
  13. Re: Jonathan Cook Enrolls at Garden City Community College, Hopes Alabama Rival Calls

  14. Re: What Changes Should We Expect from the Alabama Offense in 2015?

    If Coker starts, I hope he turns out like Blake did last year. A lotta people didn't know if Blake could get the job done, but, he did. And with Kiffen's tutelage, maybe Coker will be ready to go, or...
  15. Re: SEC football uniforms mashed up with rivals' colors

    OMG....My eyes! eyes!...noooooo! lol
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