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    Re: How Easy Is The Road For OSU?

    In fairness the "talking heads" just play devils advocate with each other. It's really not much more than that. Controversy sells, plain & simple. If tOSU goes undefeated there will be plenty of...
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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    1994 for me. I had just returned from duty overseas in late 1993 so the 94 season was my first full football season in a couple of years. Everyone loved Eric Zeir and UGA but Jay Barker had really...
  3. Re: Lets assume that the Big 12 dies off soon

    @champions77 You and I read the same newspapers and watch the same local news. Surely you know that both Stoops and Boren have made public comments to the effect that OU was not and is not going to...
  4. Re: Lets assume that the Big 12 dies off soon

    I don't know but I would think that they could still play each other pretty easily if they wanted to. And having 2 conferences recruiting in that state would likely be a plus for the state of Kansas.
  5. Re: Lets assume that the Big 12 dies off soon

    First of all, the BIGXII would not die without some further defection. Further defection may be difficult with the current contract between the members that is designed specifically to keep members...
  6. Re: Your College Football Team's Brand (SI Article)

    To clarify, it says OSU is the best right now. They are reigning champs, have a name brand coach, a proud history and tradition, recent success on the field (38-3 over 3 seasons with CUM it points...
  7. Link: Re: Kirby Smart Reflects on Ohio State Loss

    This. I think that the truth, as is often the case, is that prior to kickoff our coaches & players felt confident about their preparation and abilities--and rightfully so. But OSU came in on an...
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    Re: Here we go again: Expansion carousel

    OU isn't going anywhere without OSU. The SEC doesn't want OSU. IMHO, any and all SEC expansion talk looks east because of this.
  9. Re: Loving the Alabama Take-Over of SEC Network

    I also DVR'd the days games but would have LOVED for 1994 Bama/UGA to have been included and aired back-to-back with the SECCG.
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    Re: CFN's preview of the barn...

    I think people forget that with the emergence of sites like CFN, SDS, etc, there a lot of writing slots to fill and not a lot of knowledgeable, talented writers. I have even noticed lately on Fox...
  11. Link: Re: Stewart Mandel: Why We All Might be Underrating Alabama and Nick Saban

    I looked at my wife after the 1st snap of their final drive and said, "Look at that.....they aren't even going to try."
  12. Re: How many games will we win in 2015? your picks...

    With a stout defense and DHenry being the man, there is no reason we shouldn't win every game. We have a little history on winning NC's with 1st year starting QB's.
  13. Link: Re: Ole Miss' Peach Bowl PARTICIPATION rings

    I, too, take issue with the '41 title claim but I also have a "Road To 16" button at my desk(2 of them actually) so I can't really claim embarrassment. I just gloss over it I guess in my mind.1963
  14. Link: Re: Very interesting Foxsports take on the Longhorn Network...

    A couple of years ago, a handle by the name of Kentucky Mustangs on the TexAgs forums posted a series of long posts (almost essays, really) during the LHN formation, the BigXII fracture, and all of...
  15. Re: If the Cincinnati Bengals 'wake up,' could AJ McCarron be their quarterback in 20

    I think it means pretty clearly that the Bengals don't feel especially secure about any of the QB's on their roster.
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