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    Re: So the (WAY) early line for Bama/WV is

    Find two other games you like and play a three game tease. Gets line to -20 or +34 which ever you like better
  2. Re: Alabama's 6th Congressional District - Your Thoughts on the Candidates

    I agree
  3. Re: Pat White: "Still Glad I Turned Down A 'vette [From Alabama] To Become A Mountain

    I was at the Independence Bowl when Okie State ran the inside trap what seems like 40 times and we never stopped it. I also got tired of hearing this ...
  4. Link: Re: SEC Presidents Vote to Keep 8 Game Schedule

    I wish Slive would have been more specific in his decree. Do something like basketball does along the lines of the basketball week of Big 10 vs ACC or SEC vs Big East.

    Team up with the ACC since...
  5. Question: Re: Looking for recommendations on premium sipping wiskey for a gift

    Knob Creek
    Elijah Craig
    Woodford Reserve
    Four Roses small batch
    Makers Mark 46
    Angel's Envy
    Elmer T. Lee
  6. Link: Re: Is The AHSAA About To Make Major Alignment Changes

    Beat me to it.

    Pretty much what was discussed
  7. Link: Re: Is The AHSSA Fixing To Make Major Alignment Changes

    I've been in 1A-3A my whole career so I know what you are talking about.
    There needs to be some consolidation in the 1A - 2A ranks. Too many schools that are too close together.

    That's just...
  8. Link: Re: Is The AHSSA Fixing To Make Major Alignment Changes

    All the info I have is purely speculation and discussion with sources. They may go into the meeting tomorrow and totally change what has been discussed. The info coming out the last week has been...
  9. Link: Re: Is The AHSSA Fixing To Make Major Alignment Changes

    Sources stating divisor will remain 1.35 for next two years for private schools.
    7A-32 teams
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    Re: Any Bourbon Connoisseurs

    Purchased a bottle of Elmer T. Lee during the holidays. I thought it was extremely good. It is from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. I will add this brand to my collection.
  11. Link: Re: Is The AHSSA Fixing To Make Major Alignment Changes

    From what I'm hearing and from sources there will be a new classification.
    Top 32 teams in enrollment will play in a newly formed 7A classification

    Look at post #60 in this thread. I still...
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    Link: Re: Are you a psychopath? - test

    SCORE 42%
    Though your conscience is in the right place you also have a pragmatic streak and generally arenít afraid to do your own dirty work! Youíre no shrinking violet - but no daredevil...
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    Re: Political Quiz


    PERSONAL issues Score is 60%

    ECONOMICS issues Score is 90%
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    Re: What are you reading right now (II)?

    The Machiavelli Letter by Thomas Quinn.

    Easy read. Deals with the Russians and Chinese helping the Iranians get a nuclear bomb and hiding it from the USA. Ironic???????
  15. Link: Re: Is The AHSSA About To Make Major Alignment Changes

    I dealt with it for 8 years in 2A and 2 years in 1A. Those aren't hypothetical situations those were real.
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