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  1. Re: We Want Bama
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    Link: Re: Rivals100: Cowart takes over at No. 1

    we would not have anything to talk about in the off season then...
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    Re: Comments from Saban

    I would like to add just one thing. the WR's have to catch the ball. Blake would have looked a lot better if the WR's had of held onto the ball a few more times.
  4. Link: Re: NY Times drops a dime on Jameis Winston "investigation"

    careless, uncaring, cavalier and incompetent....that's saying it nicely. and I work in Tallahassee.
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    Re: Nice article on Kiffin's offense...

    yea...I mean Barry Switzer won a super bowl....
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    Link: Re: Futuristic uniforms

    but hey...Crimson pants...
  7. Re: Does Coach Saban See A Little Of "His Younger Self" In Lane Kiffin?

    I think Kiffin was the product of "to much to soon" I mean he was CO-offensive coordinator when he was hired by the Raiders. I mean as said above nobody was going to win with the Raiders (bless their...
  8. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    with a chest....??
  9. Question: Re: Just for fun: pick your favorite player in this class and why

    Evans. just because he caused so much butt hurt in Auburn...
  10. Re: Latest OJ Smith interview makes me think he won't sign

    Which Interview
  11. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    agree 100%. had shoulder surgery in Sept. still not 100%. i mean it was kind of extensive surgery, but still...
  12. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    Tre Mason says hi....
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    Re: New Poster in the Football Facility

    oh, yea...I'm just so sure that Coach would love to hear for the rest of his life "why did you quit coaching? was it because Johnny Manziel and Gussy boy at Auburn were just to much for you? did they...
  14. Re: Additional thought on defending the HUNH...

    what if they fake a cramp??? the refs that is...i can't wait to see the reaction on ole gussy boy's face if one of the officials get a cramp...
  15. Re: Additional thought on defending the HUNH...

    I can't really say I have a problem with the HUNH offenses. I mean it's not like it is really innovative. the Cincinnati Bengals used it a few years in the late 80's, the Buffalo Bills ruled the AFC...
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