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  1. Re: Thugs arrested in raping & murdering preacher's pregnant wife

    I have a soft spot for women with Child. The needle is to easy for these animals but its not my decision. I hope the death penalty comes soon for them.
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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    All we got to do is watch out for that little package to come out.:)
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    Game Thread Re: 'Bama vs Wichita State

    This is the type of game I would love to be there and witness it. A good team that we bring down to the wire and in the final seconds take the win. Its been awhile.:)
  4. Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Cow College...

    I want Alabama to dominate and not let auburn think they have a chance. Really I want Alabama to embarrass them. RTR!!
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    The older I get I really understand what having blessings really mean. Thank You God for everything that I have and wish blessings on all my Crimson Brothers and Sisters out there. Roll Tide and...
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    Re: Why the US won't defeat ISIS

    He has to warn his brothers.:)
  7. Re: Prince Charles - Climate change responsible for Syrian crisis

    He fits right in with a lot of Democrats in our congress.
  8. Re: Official Post Game Thread: Alabama vs CSU

    Au coming up and I would say Coker can beat the barn and even if they have 8 guys in the box I still think we will be able to run the ball. Their defense sux.
  9. Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU - 2nd Half...

    Ohio st just lost .
  10. Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU - 2nd Half...

    I was hoping for a shutout.
  11. Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU - 2nd Half...

    So much for the comeback for lsu.
  12. Re: Basketball - Alabama Men's Basketball Hits 15 Three-Pointers to Cruise Past Louis

    Was Dayton that good?
  13. Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU - 2nd Half...

    Man lsu is making a huge come back. lsu17 ole mill 24
  14. Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU - 2nd Half...

    Nobody hurt and some good experience for the young guys.
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU...

    The players look to be having a great time out there.
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