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  1. Re: Harry Reid's Connection To The Nevada Ranch Incident

    I have had the honor of seeing the copy of old land deeds signed by no other than an Andrew Jackson! I love history!
  2. Re: Does your pediatrician not treat kids whose parents refuse vaccinations?

    I believe in God, and have experienced miracles. I know many people in the Medical fields, and EMS who have had similar experiences. I thank God for all of these trained professionals! ;)
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    Re: Looking at the Defensive Line

    The 2011 defense will forever be the gold standard for me. Big, physical, and fast! Upshaw, and Hightower were beasts!
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    Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly vs. UK

    Yeah she is cute! LOL!
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    Link: Re: Rolando McClain Arrested Again In Decatur

    That is exactly what entered my mind when I saw that he had been arrested again. Sad!
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    Re: ESPN: Best of the Saban era

    Coach Saban is going to go ballistic when he sees what ESPN has done! Just because Yeldon was highly successful as a freshman doesn't guarantee future success! YOU GOT TO WORK, AND EARN IT! :)
  7. Link: Re: New video of Coach Cochran giving the media a tour of the weight room

    He seemed very humble. I know I would be coaching for one of the most storied programs in College Football, and working for the best College Football Coach in America!
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    Link: Re: Sad News: Warmacking Coming to an End

    Now that is one midriff that I am going to miss this fall! I mean seriously how can you not love a lineman whose last name is Warmack?
  9. Re: Deadspin is saying Te'o's girlfriend's death was a hoax created for publicity

    This past summer I toured the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum near Savannah, Georgia. Great museum! I was also fortunate enough a few years ago to see a B-17 in flight that almost passed over my...
  10. Re: I'm proud AJ got a GF, but the announcers made a fool of themselves talking about

    She is a pretty young lady, but good grief the southeastern United States is full of beautiful women! I can't stand guys that act like its the first time they have ever seen a woman when a beautiful...
  11. Re: ****Official Post Game Thread - Bama vs. Notre Dame in the BSCCG****

    Back to back! I have lived to see Alabama win 4 National Championships, and I can honestly say tonight may have been the most satisfying. So proud of how this team handled the success off 2011, and...
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    Link: Re: Is Alabama currently a dynasty?

    I like Coach Saban's 24 hour rule after a win, and that includes winning a National Championship. Stay hungry my friends. :biggrin2:
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    Re: 2013 Depth Chart Possibilities

    We need another Courtney Upshaw to step up. The 2011 defense was sick!
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    Re: 2013 Depth Chart Possibilities

    Who is going to take Big Jesse's place? I think he has done well holding the point since Josh Chapman moved on.
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    Re: Jaworski calls Saban a liar

    And now how many years ago did this happen? The media just can't let it go. LOL
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