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    Re: Guarantee all Americans an income

    Well, I think everyone should just QUIT their job! Then, everyone could sit on their can like those already doing it. Seebell, are you already sitting on your can receiving redistributed funds? ...
  2. Re: FSU Will Wear New Uniforms & Has A Redesigned Logo

    That looks great and would have looked even better with a "Script A' on the helmet.
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    News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    I can see the following scenario:

    Bama vs WV

    Sims is the starter for Bama vs WV. If things are not going well, I could see Mr. Coker in in a hurry. Here's hoping Mr. Sims shines as the...
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    Re: Mizzou suspends DGB

    So, if all these 5 star players are getting paid like stated in another thread with an article at SBNation, why wouldn't this guy have leverage to say Coach P. ,you, can't kick me off the team...
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    Re: Louisville Cop has closing speed

    With that speed, he could be a running back, a wide receiver, or a cornerback. He could also run track.

    Recruit him.
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    Re: Lee Roy Jordan and the '71 Cowboys

    Well, I'm glad that I didn't watch it. Dallas was my favorite team at that time and ONLY because of Lee Roy Jordan! We sure needed someone like him to travel from side line to side line to keep...
  7. Re: Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy Players, in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Mon

    Oh! And since the guy stated that ALL 5 stars are getting something, how many 5 stars do we have on our team? So, does this CONVICT us because of our #1 Recruiting ranking the past few years?
  8. Re: Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy Players, in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Mon

    If these guys are getting ALL this and MORE, why is there a need for a Union? Is it because of the walk-ons, 2 and 3 stars getting little or nothing and they want some of the pie/action? Looks like...
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    Re: Hank Aaron compares GOP to KKK

    Hank was always one of my favorite baseball players. Is senility setting in as he reaches a ripe OLD age?

    Someone said in an earlier post that he is worth $25 million. Maybe some of that needs...
  10. What is going on with all the RIOTS after winning or losing a NC?

    What is going on in our college towns after a school has a team: basketball, hockey, etc. win or lose a NC?

    Have the Barbarians landed at their college/university gates? Or is it just decadence...
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    Question: Re: AJ meeting with NFL teams.

    Now I'd go for that pick. I might even pull for the Texans if they draft AJ.

    I would hate to see him end up in Oakland. If he doesn't end up with New England or Houston, I think Arizona would be...
  12. News Article: Re: Hillary Cancels San Diego Appearance After Benghazi Protest Announced

    I was going to start a new thread, but I'll just put it here!

    Why do we need another Clinton in the WH? Why do we need another Bush in the WH? Why do we need another Kennedy in the WH? Why do...
  13. Re: "Sorry my repeated check-ins at the gym remind you how lazy you are."

    Those fanatics will probably CROAK long before you do.
  14. Re: Jackson, Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Gwendolyn Chapman "In Her Own Words"

    Is that what you did in the last Presidential election? Did you go to Ohio and maybe Florida?

    I guess I'll have to try that in the next Presidential election.

    I'd go to vote against her, but I...
  15. News Article: Re: Hillary Cancels San Diego Appearance After Benghazi Protest Announced

    Her chances of getting my vote are like 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.000000000 to the third power!
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