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    Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show

    Here is a quick history of these 2.

    Meet, start going out.
    She goes to the games, starting to get some facetime.
    Musburger game
    Dumps AJ, goes out to LA thinking she can be famous.
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    Re: A video of every Jacob Coker throw in 2013

    I can see why CNS likes this guy, but his chances of playing at Bama are slim. Coker is like the 6'5 pitcher that can throw 98 mph, but has no off speed stuff and can't find the strike zone. You...
  3. Re: Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault - update: DNA match found

    All of the evidence that would be used for court would come from the doctors/nurses/hospital that did the rape kit test. This is a very invasive test also, with close up pics of all privates. Swab...
  4. Link: Re: Medical Issues Caused Eddie Lacy to Drop in NFL Draft (Steelers question motivati

    As a life long Steelers fan, I am glad he was not picked by them. He is much better off in Green Bay and will get more touches.
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    Re: Kirby Smart gets a raise

    I for one hope he is the coach in waiting and coach in training. I think each situation, Perkins and Dubose, are much different than today. From a former player I know in the Dubose era, he just did...
  6. Re: Shane Youngblood Tweets a Good Question About Future Bama Recruiting

    Since I live in mississippi, I would have to say drop recruiting north of I20, excluding the jackson metro area. Recruiting practices are no different in this part of the state than it is in memphis....
  7. Re: Reports Cam Cameron Offered LSU OC Position

    If I was an lsu fan I would not be thrilled about this. Look at the before and after with the ravens.
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    Re: Too many scholarships in the backfield?

    I bet wisconsin or maryland wished they would have more qbs on their roster last season. Maryland was down to their last qb on the roster before the season even started.
  9. Link: Re: SI article implies that Bama football players used illegal substances (S.W.A.T.S.

    What these guys don't understand, is IGF 1 or any other peptide does not work when taken orally, it has to be penned and has to be kept cold in the fridge after mixing with sterile water, or the...
  10. Link: Re: SI article implies that Bama football players used illegal substances (S.W.A.T.S.

    IGF 1 cannot be detected in any test, but it is still illegal. IGF 1 is a peptide, which are now becoming the new designer ways to get bigger and stronger, but without the side affects and failing...
  11. Link: Re: Interesting tweet and retweet by NC St. former player and current player...

    I remember when cmg was hired. He was constantly promising the upbeat offense he ran at his prior school. He ran just the opposite at Bama. I think he also had the best 1st half record of any ncaa...
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    Re: Mel Kiper's Mock Draft Top 10

    I don't care what kind of career Teo had, he looked slow, undersized and had no idea how to judge speed. Put him on Ky or Msu and he is lucky to get drafted.
  13. Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    I guess people forgot, Forrest Gump was a gozillionaire who could run like the wind blows.
  14. Question: Re: Could Urban Meyer have appeared any more disappointed and envious?

    Every year he has been a guest host and we have played, his attitude has gotten worse each year and he has picked us to lose each year also. Last night was pathetic how jealous he is.
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    Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Notre Dame BCSNCG

    Every team but Stanford looked below average to plain bad in the bowls that ND played this year. This game is not close for long and ND gets exposed as just another hyped up average team. 28-7 at...
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