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  1. Re: Stand Your Ground defense being tested in Orange Beach

    I'm all for the stand your ground law, but passing someone who isn't going fast enough for you and then slamming on the brakes is punk move.
  2. Re: Private Charity Can't Replace Government Social Programs?

    How about something no one has brought up? Lifestyles of today compared to just 20-25yrs ago. People spend so, so much more on things we never did before. Smartphones (even the proverbial "bum" has...
  3. Thread: Blake Luker

    by pluckngrit

    Re: Blake Luker

    The University of Indianapolis? Is that one of those online schools? Never heard of it.
  4. Re: So... it's late of a Saturday night. Amari has access to Twitter...

    Dartigan got trolled.
  5. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Says the guy who has the business school at UT named after him.
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    JessN: Re: Sources say Saban, Bama are close on contract

    Those last two paragraphs were KrAzY speculation. What backlash has Nick Saban gotten? How is he running out of leverage? How does Texas give him any more power than he already has? Michael Jordan...
  7. Link: Re: If Nussmeier lands UW job, who will Nick Saban hire as offensive coordinator?

    This thread has turned into the twilight zone.
  8. Re: Would you rather go watch the BCS title game in person or watch on your big scree

    As the father of twin boys, I can relate. The man in you wants to witness history. The husband in you knows twins come early plus your wife hates football. Good luck, a lot of variables. Could this...
  9. Re: Eli Gold calling the Michigan State v Michigan game

    This post kind of highlights some Alabama fans ignorance when it comes to Eli. We're lucky to have such a professional and well respected announcer.
  10. Re: LSU running back Jeremy Hill in trouble (fighting at a bar in BR)

    what kind of get up did jeremy hill have going on there? looks like he'd been hanging with borat in a thong at the blue oyster club.
  11. Link: Re: Saban says he will be 'more committed' in light of ASHOF induction

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    Re: NFL Draft- Round 2 Where will Lacy go?

    denver, NE, green bay and seattle are possibilities up next.
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    Link: Re: Rolando McClain Arrested Again In Decatur

    just tell him to leave the knife at home...
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    Link: Re: Rolando McClain Arrested Again In Decatur

    here's a poll from the baltimore sun cecil just tweeted.

    Poll: What should Ravens do with Rolando McClain?
    After Rolando McClain's arrest in Alabama over the weekend, what should the Ravens do...
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    Re: Jameis Winston lighting it up for FSU

    who's he "lighting up"?

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