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    Re: Michigan assistant insults recruit

    Flipping 3, I cringe at the thought of those former days.
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    Link: Re: Areas where Alabama can/needs to improve.

    It's possible that it is much easier to peek at the end of the season when you have a cream puff conference schedule in the regular season.
  3. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    Don't be hard on each other for spelling mistakes. Yea, I would like Deshay at Bama also!
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Awesome update BET! Thanks for all you do (again)
  5. Re: 2015 Prospect OT Isaiah Prince

    Great News!!! Welcome to Bama Isaiah Prince!
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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    I don't know, I think Lane is sincere in his statements that he wants to learn as much as he can from coach while he is at Alabama. Chances are he stays a couple of more years then heads to another...
  8. Re: Candidates to replace Lance Thompson and Kevin Steele

    As long as we continue to recruit at an elite level and have good coaches we will always be in the picture. It would be nice but we simply cannot win them all. Coach has made it look easy the past...
  9. Re: That's it, if Nick Saban ever leaves, I want Gary Patterson at the Capstone

    Patterson is to TCU what Beamer is to Virginia Tech. I know it is the off season but man I cringe at these speculation threads about replacing our coach. There will be major fall off no matter who...
  10. Re: Jesses article brings up some good points Offensive changes and Defensive changes

    OSU won the title by having 3 Heisman-worthy QBs on the roster. I am not sure anyone in the country could have overcome their top two QBs going down in the regular season just to have their third...
  11. Re: 2016 Prospect DE/TE Prince Tega (Edgewood Academy)

    I hear ya and agree wholeheartedly but even the best can make some bone headed decisions ala Darius Phelon.
  12. JessN: Re: Ohio State recap: Tide may have even more changes to make

    Yea, well, that was always an asinine sentiment anyway. Look, there are many types of fans on this site. Those of us that are more pragmatic really have to pick and choose the threads that interest...
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    Re: Top Remaining Targets

    Here is Jess' projected depth chart for the Sugar Bowl if that helps:
  14. Re: 2016 Prospect DE/TE Prince Tega (Edgewood Academy)

    You are right and that is a distinct possibility. He says in the interview that he likes playing D better because he would rather hit people rather than being hit.
  15. Re: 2016 Prospect DE/TE Prince Tega (Edgewood Academy)

    I don't as this is a position of need for us this cycle.
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