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    Re: Upset Specials: week 9

    washington over arizona state the only upset i see in top 25

    maybe wazzou over arizona as well

    i don't see bama, barn, ole miss, or miss st losing...but all could be close at HT
  2. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    honestly i think the only way a 1-loss non-conf sec champ gets into the playoff alongside the sec champ is if kansas state wins the big 12 unbeaten in conference but with their one loss a HOME loss...
  3. Re: Typical UT 'class' - UT's director of Football Operations tried to trip player

    the Steelers should hire him
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    Re: Pick the score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    Bama 24
    UcheaT 10
  5. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    1) likely only chance we have of a 3-way is with miss st and miss because we'd have won out and kicked the barn out of contention.

    2) then a 3-way would be bama, ole miss, miss state and right...
  6. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    I don't see any 1-loss non-conference winner unseating a conference champ be it Alabama, or otherwise

    i'm certainly not saying a 1-loss SEC west team deserves to be jumped by 1-loss Big 12 or...
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    Question: Re: Upset ALERT! Who ya got going down?

    cowboys over horned frogs
    zona state over stanford
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    Re: 3 Way Tie in SEC West!

    in case of a 3-way tie we definitely need florida to run the table as neither miss, miss st, nor barn has them on their schedule ... if we run table and miss st beats miss to set up a 3-way west tie...
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    Question: Re: What Happened to Our WR Rotation?

    was expecting some big things from black (crickets), foster (season of crickets), and white (he's had a few plays) while vogler (crickets) and howard (more yikes than yeahs) should be a dominant TE...
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    Question: Re: Which problems are correctable soon?

    of that list i think only penalties is easily correctable. fumbles from tj yeldon and christion jones have been an issue since they hit campus so you can't expect that to go away overnight.

    as far...
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    Re: Les Miles' future in Whoville

    if you look at it from the POV of comparing to his conference the michigan gig is much more attractive. instead of butting heads with UA, AU, the Miss', hogs, and aTm he'd only have to outrecruit...
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    Re: Les Miles' future in Whoville

    that's a lot of oysters to sell
  13. Re: Is there such a thing as having too much talent on your team?

    not a bad thread. i think every team has a place for a "lesser" talent. i go back to the 2009 team and see guys on defense like Reamer and Anders who were "only" 3-star kids but certainly were huge...
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    Re: Les Miles' future in Whoville

    i'll be surprised if a 61-year old Miles is in michigan's top 3 wish list and LSU will not easily depart with his buyout clause which is a bizarre number. from jan 2013 after he got a raise:
  15. Re: Alabama can still win their way to a championship

    fairly optimistic that if we win out we'd make the final 4....

    whether that's as SEC champs is tbd but would like to get through this gauntlet of road games before thinking about running the table
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