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  1. Re: Gun Control News (Bloomberg One Way, Harry Reid The Other)

    I still think Texas is way ahead of the rest of the country in terms of protecting children in schools. Having faculty that has been extensively trained in firearms carrying will tell any would be...
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    Re: I think I need a new TV

    Agree with above posts. We have a Vizio Smart TV and hardly ever use any of the features. Most of the apps are slow and out of date it seems. We just hook the laptop up or use the iPad for internet....
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    Question: Re: AJ meeting with NFL teams.

    Oh please no. Nothing good ever comes from putting that jersey on ha
  4. Link: Re: NY Times drops a dime on Jameis Winston "investigation"

    I understand that Winston will most likely never be tried for this situation but what I do not understand is how the entire Tallahassee Police Department has not been looked into from top to bottom....
  5. Re: A lighter note - 60 pix to make you think...

    Isn't it amazing what a simple photo can do?
  6. Re: Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy Players, in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Mon

    Guys it goes on everywhere. I feel like it has been a part of college football for a long time now. Think about how poor some of these kids and their families are. No way they wouldn't take free...
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    Re: Engstrom Leaving the Program

    Don't really feel like it hurts that much. Would really like for a JUCO big man to come in his place.
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    Engstrom Not Returning

    Suttles is reporting he will instead explore Europe pro ball.
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Yea definitely looked like human remains. The cannibal angle is looking more likely. Are we assuming Beth is locked up in the other storage lockers also?
  10. Re: Our Program Evaluation based on Tourney Mid-Major Upsets

    We were so bad down low this year that it actually made me miss Moussa...
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Yea kind of a dumb if you think about it. The prison was constantly under attack by walkers but this place is safe with unlocked doors...
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    Buzz Williams to Virginia Tech

    Marquette's Buzz Williams is reportedly taking the job at VT. Has always seemed like a solid coach.
    Good hire IMO.

  13. Re: Grant has offered 6'8 PF Jackson Davis class of 14

    According to Cecil Hurt, the Barn has offered Davis.
  14. Re: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

    Wouldn't this pretty much indicate Somalia was the destination?
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    Re: It's official - Russia enters Crimea

    Pretty sure a World War would jump to the front of American priorities.
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