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  1. Re: Evolving the Option: The Pop Pass and the Future of Football

    I am far from being an expert on anything, much less football, but it seems to me like the approach would be playing extremely disciplined man-to-man defense, and tell the players to stay with your...
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    You'll notice, except perhaps Oregon and Washington, that the hated teams are all the traditional powers: Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, Southern Cal, Alabama, etc.

    You'll also notice who's not on...
  3. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    Much appreciated. I wonder what a crisp jog is.
  4. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    I cannot watch the video. Would someone be willing to summarize what Shaw said? Are SEC officials going to actually do anything about this?
  5. Re: NCAA Board Approves Autonomy - Power 5 Conferences Get More Power

    Will this enable the Power 5 to actually dole out punishments to those teams that spend $180-200K on QBs?
  6. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    I agree with the sentiments of many on this thread: If college football teams from 2014 onward are going to be forced to run HUNH offenses in order to stay competitive, then I will need to find a new...
  7. Re: Is Coach Saban the Most Disliked Man in College Athletics?

    Bobby Knight was not very well received outside UI.
    I don't remember any disparaging remarks about Lombardi, but I wasn't a Bears fan growing up. I doubt there was any love lost between him and...
  8. Re: Alabama players: AJ McCarron was right, we were entitled

    I do not think there was a best team in the country last season.

    Bama took it on the chin from OU. Auburn was pile-driven by LSU. Michigan State lost to Notre Dame!

    So the championship...
  9. Re: Is Coach Saban the Most Disliked Man in College Athletics?

    I do not think the other coaches hate him. Like others have said I think they envy and perhaps resent him.

    The other fan bases, on the other hand, do seem to hate him. And that is ironic...
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    Re: Why do we hate Lane Kiffin again?

    I have no respect for him whatsoever. I'm really disgusted with this hire. My alma mater can and should do better. This is just my opinion, of course, but I've been very clear in my opinion of...
  11. Re: Nussmeier to Michigan

    I sincerely hope it's not Kiffin.
    I have no respect for him.

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  12. Re: And so it begins: Auburn fans blaming lost on referees.

    It's ironic, too, because the reason Malzhan runs the HUNH is so that he can bend the rules or just blantantly cheat. The officials are so overwhelmed by the trickery they can't catch all the...
  13. Question: Re: Who you got in the Top 4 for this years playoff?

    Fla State
    Mich State
  14. Re: What goes around comes around...AU lost and so the exact miracles go AUgainst the

    I have not lurked on any barn message boards since they lost.
    Are they blaming us yet? Or have they found another scapegoat? They're really good at that, BTW.
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    Game Thread Re: ***2014 BCSNCG*** Florida State vs. Auburn

    And it didn't freeze over, as was foretold by scripture, of course:
    "There shall, in that time, be rumours of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really...
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