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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    We are bigger, faster and stronger. But most importantly we are just mean and nasty, and that's all you need to to know to set your mind at ease.
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    Re: Pass Interference Calls Against Alabama

    No issues with this defense. We really are nit picking one of the better defense We have seen in awhile. With the type offenses that we see now a days we should be thankful that we are only giving up...
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 8 Games of Interest

    The Aggies should be beat up after three weeks of Arkansas, Miss St & Ole Miss; add this week against Alabama. What a brutal schedule!
  4. Re: Aunt Jemima family demands $2B cut of pancake business

    My father is trojan man, it is a wonder I was conceived. We are writing the lawsuit as I type this.
  5. Re: Holding call on the final drive looked familiar

    If Howard would have used Hus feet and swung his hips then the ref would have never had a chance to throw the flag. Just bad technique on Howards part. It was still a nick nack flag that should not...
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    Re: Betting Line Going Back towards Ole Miss

    Ole Miss has major distractions this week like they have never had to deal with.

    Ole Miss cannot run the ball on our defense.

    This has the makings of a blowout Bama win
  7. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    USC east looked like the most overrated team to me.
  8. Re: Tony Stewart hits, kills driver in sprint car race

    This is like getting road rage and jumping out of your car on I65 and being surprised a semi plowed you over. The guy used bad judgement and paid for it. If he would have stayed in his car he would...
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    I think the issue is more of Auburn / Alabama...

    I think the issue is more of Auburn / Alabama culture. It has been said on this board a million times and I'll say it again, Auburn works 365 to beat Alabama. They are obsessed with the Tide. Alabama...
  10. Link: Re: Big Mouth Spurrier carries it a bit further...

    Mark Richt is going to buy Saban dinner for deflecting Spurrier's rath off Georgia this off season.
  11. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    How I kept Florida on top of the SEC. -Co Authored Steve Spurrier & Urban Myer
  12. Considering it is televised on the Longhorn...

    Considering it is televised on the Longhorn network I believe it would get out quickly.
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    Just a repackaged Notre Dame box or wishbone....

    Just a repackaged Notre Dame box or wishbone. Walter Welborn ran this for years with much success.

    Like an earlier poster said, have someone take the qb every play and hit him hard.
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    Re: If we were in 2014 - consider the match ups

    If we truely are the best team we have to stop losing to inferior opponents and win the SEC. That would end all this crying over getting left out.
  15. Re: "Missouri's the best team we will have played all year."-Jay Jacobs (Auburn AD)

    Auburn has the big head now. Mizzu is getting no respect. This may just be a mizzu beatdown. One can only hope…
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