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    Re: One Hell of a Day!!

    Is your last name White by chance? I used to work at the Homewood library and there was a teenage girl that came in named Krimson Anne White. You could always go with that. :)
  2. Question: Re: Road to SEC Title/ National Title game the Toughest Ever

    What happens if Bama and Auburn then go 8-0 in the SEC (or any other same division teams that don't play each other that year)? Who goes to the SEC championship?
  3. Link: Re: Hmm... Discussions about eliminating kickoffs...

    I thought that Saban didn't have them kick it out of the endzone on purpose. I was under the impression that he would kick it down right to edge, so they would try to return and hope that we could...
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    Re: Alabama-Tennessee SECCG long overdue.

    Well up until 2012, Alabama had not played any other team in the SECCG except Florida. We played Georgia that year for the first time. Since then, we've added one more team to our resume in Missouri....
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    Re: Convention wackiness thread - GOP Edition

    The only thing I can think of in my head as a reason is that someone could fill it with some kind of poison or acid that could be harmful to others. Maybe?

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    Re: How much do you guys pay for a hair cut?

    $0. My wife cuts my hair (she went to beauty school for cutting hair).
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    Re: Bama Winning vs Hillary Winning

    The question doesn't make sense. It makes it seem like you can only choose one or the other, but the way the question is posed, if you choose Bama winning, you're also choosing hillary winning....
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    Re: The Hillary Clinton Thread

    Pretty good video from Comey's questioning by Congress. I like how he pointed out that the average...
  9. Re: Woman banned from all national parks for scrawling her Instagram name on rocks

    Why couldn't the generation that raised her have done a better job of it? Rotten millennials' parents!
  10. Re: Auburn Fan: "Here's a Stat to Prove We are Bad but Not as Bad as You"

    Well just from looking at those numbers, I would say that SCar has the best record percentage wise, but I suppose he's right that Auburn has beaten Alabama the most under Saban (with LSU), but...
  11. Re: Should each school play every conference school at least once in four years?

    I could see this being more of a selling point for the bottom schools in the conference. I'm sure a lot of people come to the SEC to play Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, LSU, etc. If someone...
  12. Re: Lane Kiffin Went Recruiting Today and Wants Us All to Know His Location

    Same here. Never had any animosity towards Kiffin even when he was at Tennessee. I actually thought him constantly trying to get under Urban Meyer's skin was hilarious even though most people here...
  13. Link: Re: Texas A&M assistant coach causes de-commitments on twitter.

    How do you know they don't? There are some crazy people out there and some of them are fans of Alabama. Just look at all the death threats that Cade Foster got back in 2011 after LSU. It wouldn't...
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    Re: I need a new computer

    I didn't read the whole thread, so I don't know if anyone suggested this, but why not build your own PC? You can get a much better computer than what is offered in the stores for the same or less by...
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    Re: Your Pre-Season Top Five Prediction

    Wow look who's at the bottom (Ohio State). Only 6 starters returning next year. That's insane.
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