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  1. Re: Adam Grifith's Back Injury Remains a Concern

    I wondered if there was a point after the WVa game if Adam got blocked or had to try and make a tackle on a kickoff that took the back issue to another level. I know we played WVa in the dome but...
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    Re: Discussion about Bama's D-Line

    DT would start on the 2015 DLine. :)

    Just got off subject for a bit.....But I do think that this year's Dline and it's quality depth will allow us to play sometimes as few as 5 or 6 in the box...
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    Re: Discussion about Bama's D-Line

    I think DT would have loved going against spread and HUNH offenses because the guy never got tired. I thought the funniest thing about the feature the NFL Network did on him was when the Chiefs were...
  4. Re: Trump's comments - NBC and Univision reaction

    I am not sure I would say that McCain has served faithfully as a senator. One of the biggest scandals involving the VA is right in his backyard in Phoenix. He has said quite a number of things but...
  5. Re: Wal Mart to Stop Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise

    I am sure most people here are not aware that the Jefferson County Courthouse in downtown Birmingham is covered in swasticas. If you look closely at the front of the building, you will see them just...
  6. Re: Does Coach Saban need to have a camp in Michigan and Ohio and go shirtless?

    Very few, if any kids from the south will want to go to Michigan if for no other reason than the weather. Forget the facilities, the tradition, or even Harbaugh, the weather on official visits can...
  7. Re: Steve Shaw Tells JOX's The Roundtable Matt Moore and Penn Wagers Retired

    I do not know who the head linesman and side judge were as both were standing there staring at the infraction, but the ref for that game was none other than............ Penn Wagers!
  8. Re: Steve Shaw Tells JOX's The Roundtable Matt Moore and Penn Wagers Retired

    I think it was Rogers Redding and his Southwest Conference crew that called the '93 Sugar Bowl against Miami. The call that you might be thinking of in regards to Penn Wagers was against Arkansas in...
  9. Re: Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’

    I remember having a conversation with an HP rep about 5 years ago who was married to an IRS agent who carried a badge and a gun. It was my understanding that when this man showed up at your house,...
  10. Re: Hillary approved Russian uranium deal after millions "donated" to Clinton Foundat

    Didn't the Clinton's also give the Chinese sone classified information back in the late 90's? I'm not sure Benedict Arnold was this treasonous.... :eek2:
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    Re: Mandatory Voting?!?.

    Would mandatory voting require the passing of a voter ID law. How else would you know who did and did not vote?
  12. Re: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they attacked Iran's nuclear plant

    How would we go about shooting down IAF jets. Do people not realize how good the pilots in the IAF are at air to air combat? Not saying that they are as good as our Air Force or Navy, but they are...
  13. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    I do not have any issue with Manziel but when he had his dismissal from the Manning camp, I thought it was stupid that so many tried to blame AJ for Manziel being late to morning meetings and drills....
  14. Re: B'ham "Black Lives Matter" shutdown of 280 @ 3 pm today

    The way traffic is around the Summit right now. I hope the protestors left about 11 this morning from downtown to get there by 3. Or else, they might not start the protest till after 10 tonight. ...
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    Re: Lane Kiffin - 2014 Broyles Award Winner

    He has turned out to be a great hire and has done the best coaching job of his life this season. Someone told me the other day that his family still lived in California. If that is true, that has...
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