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    Re: 2015 Preseason USAToday Coaches Poll

    I don't know why Oregon and Notre Dame are that high but everything else seems about right.
  2. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

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    JessN: Re: Looking back at the Class of 2010

    Wow! I hate to say it but that class was a bit of a disappointment as a whole. Only a few bright spots to go along with quite a few non-contributors.
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    Re: A Draft Observation

    I figured D White would go in the 5th or 6th round.
  5. Re: A Graphic About President Obama. Can You Dispute These Figures?

    Grasping for straws. The labor participation rate and underemployment trump those numbers alone along with the 2 trillion dollars of American money sitting in foreign accounts. Talk about the middle...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Biscuit and DT! Gary Hollingsworth.
  7. Re: Police officer in South Carolina shoots man in the back 8 times.

    Not much to defend there. He gone.
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    Re: Could Tebow make a return to the NFL?

    While I think it's a foregone conclusion that Tebow will never make it to the Hall of Fame, dude is a football player that elevates the rest of his team. Sure his throws aren't spirals but they tend...
  9. Re: NBC’s Brian Williams recants Iraq story after soldiers protest

    If he had any credibility to begin with, it's gone now. How do some people live with themselves? Just flat out lying....on national television....about our military!
  10. News Article: Re: ISIS Calls Jordan's Bluff and Up Their Barbarism

    So, you're an atheist?
  11. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    If I remember correctly, Brett Farve had an alcohol problem his rookie year. Hopefully JFF can turn his life around and have a successful career.
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    Re: Mittens Won't Run in 2016

    Good to hear but he'd make great VP or Sec of State though. Or Sec of Treasury. Governors Huckabee or Walker would be my picks with Paul or Christie in the second tier.
  13. Re: Lane Kiffin's Return Is a Huge Boost for Alabama QB Jake Coker

    Yes but his release is way too slow.
  14. Re: Nun Gives Birth After Complaining of Stomach Cramps

    Wouldn't surprise me.
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    Re: 2015 Senior Bowl Thread

    IMO, Blake would be better off going to the CFL or Arena League for a few years just to grow more as a QB. Then tryout for the NFL ala Warren Moon and Kurt Warner.
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