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  1. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Evans is a favorite of mine so I hope all is OK.


    I really like this Earl.:)
  2. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    I agree 100% with this viewpoint.
  3. Re: Jonathan Cook Enrolls at Garden City Community College, Hopes Alabama Rival C...

    Thanks for clarifying . At first I thought you were discussing this years team.
  4. Re: What's happened to David Cornwell this summer?

    like button pushed:rolleye2:

    I will add when did chasing girls become such a bad thing for a single college age young man? Few teams would have enough players to field a team.
  5. Re: Meet Cooper Bateman, the wild card to win Alabama's quarterback competition

    You seem to have stated this opinion before. I like reading your posts about the QB. You at least have more clarity than all the articles that try to predict who our QB will be.

    I honestly hope...
  6. Link: Re: Sexual Assault Trial of Baylor Football Player Raising Some Questions

    Baylor should give her a full scholarship to any school she wishes to attend. She may have a strong case for more than that.
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    Link: Re: Wisconsin Suffering Injuries to the O-Line

    I remember Oklahoma had some OL injuries also. Helped push the line at Vegas. It didnt stop their will to beat Alabama.

    It's great to believe we have the horses to beat a team by double digits,...
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    Re: UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora publicly blasts QB

    Is that what you got from that? And I thought he was just a coach.
  9. Re: Possible Trouble on the Plains: Duke Williams Misses Second Straight Practice

    Auburn set it up by "convincing" him he had a coaching fambily that will take care of him in the manor a superstar should be taken care of. Now they've created their own monster. He'll probably stay...
  10. Re: What if Notre Dame beats both ACCCG teams?

    I'd love to hear Lou present ND's case for the playoffs with Mark May on the other side. It'd be hilarious.
  11. News Article: Re: Freshman Daron Payne Already One of Team's Strongest Players

    Kid is gonna be a good player. He seems to have the right work ethic. I hope he focuses on the right things while in college.
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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    That team played with passion that game, and all year really. UF just had too many weapons in the SEC Championship game. The team didn't have near the stars we've been loaded with the past few years....
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    Re: Five most overrated teams: Friday Five

    Agree completely. Wish tOSU had called our team fat and slow on Bourbon Street.
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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    To try and talk about sports every single day for 2 or 3 hrs would seem to be a monumental task. I'd never want that to be my job.

    It's like watching the same entertainer each day of the year....
  15. Re: Reporters Pick Auburn To Win SEC But Alabama To Win The West.....


    The ones that pick Auburn to win the SEC also pick them to win the west. There are some that pick auburn to come in at the lower end of the SEC and West while more of the unanimous vote...
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