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  1. Re: Totally On Target Sports Illustrated Analysis Of The Ole Miss "Lucky Touchdown"

  2. The Past, Present and Future of Alabama Football

    I wouldn't trade the past, present (including this season) or future of Alabama football with any other program in the country.

    I am fairly certain I have been around Alabama football a lot longer...
  3. Re: Rare vintage video footage - Alabama celebrating the 1925 Rose Bowl win

    The clip is from a video called "Roses of Crimson" done a few years ago. I think it is still available to purchase at the Bryant Museum. The video covers the trip out to Pasedena, highlights from the...
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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    Without a doubt it was the 2008 game in Athens.
    Here is why: earlier in the year former player Victor Ellis had died. In a few short months Victor had gone from a perfectly healthy young man full of...
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    Re: Trouble In West Georgia?

    IF there has been embezzlement by upper management in the ticket office, the question is where did the money go. Was it embezzled for the use of dishonest individuals within the department, or was it...
  6. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    I guess this is one of the rare occasions that I agree with sir Charles.
    He said it well....and he has also done a superb job of amplifying the real Charles Barkley.
  7. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    I wouldn't say it is "easy come, easy go". There is nothing easy about working for the opportunity for even a brief career in thr NFL. I think it is more ignorance in handling the potential financial...
  8. Thread: New UA tags

    by Capstone46

    Re: New UA tags

    The tags may be similar but the total sales are not even close. Take a look at our sales versus the barn's and post the numbers. All of our money goes to student scholarships -one more reason to buy...
  9. Link: Re: Oregon senator upset Ducks' 2015 class has no in-state signees

    I haven't looked at their roster to see where they are getting their recruits but Oregon has California to recruit. I would be willing to bet Oregon's percentage of black athletes in-state is so low...
  10. Thread: New UA tags

    by Capstone46

    Re: New UA tags

    Every new University tag change is met with mixed reviews but every time there is a change tag sales increase with the new tag.

    BamaMoon, your wife's concerns might be valid. I took a look at my...
  11. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    I certainly agree that Shula was/is a good person but there is no doubt he was in a tough spot as a head coach for which he hadn't been well prepared. I had some good friends on his staff and it was...
  12. Re: SIAP. Marcus Lutrell Speech to Players before game

    I had the privilege of meeting Lutrell and hearing him speak Friday night. I recommend reading his book.
    I don't know anything about the UA copyright claim from the athletic department but I suspect...
  13. Re: Paul Bryant Jr. lobbying Robert Bentley to shut down UAB football?

    Actually, Paul Jr. is NOT the President of the U of A Systems BOT. The chair is Karen Brooks. Paul Jr. is not even on the athletic committee but is on the advisory committee to Karen Brooks and he...
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    Re: Miss State start time

    2:30 cst
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    Re: The Future of College Football

    I misunderstood. You were saying a conference of 16 teams would have four divisions consisting of four teams each that would play each other every year....which would would be 3 games. For fun I will...
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