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  1. Re: Caption this pic: Dabo and Saban and the Onside

    Saban: I don't always run trick plays...but when I do, we win. Stay sharp, my friend!
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    Re: Eating Poop May Solve Obesity

    It would surely solve the problem of portion control.
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    Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    I look at Trump's successes, and think he has accomplished an incredible amount. I look at his temperament, and I realize I don't want him to be the face of America to the world. I believe the...
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    Re: Shout out to Coach Bobby Williams.

    Congrats, Coach! I am glad you're on our sideline!!
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    Re: Ohio State Players Need To Just Shut Up

    The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different outcome. Hotty Toddy Everybody!
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    Re: An Idea for honoring Coach Saban

    He already has collected enough to build a Nick Saban Museum.
  7. Re: Clemson players and coaches already saying they'll be back

    Clemson showed me a lot of character. I believe they have an excellent chance to be in it next year. I plan to keep up with them from now on.
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    Re: Hey Colin Cowherd and Joe Klatt

    It's just amazing what you can learn from really intelligent, knowledgeable analysts. Then there's these idiots.
  9. Game Thread Re: NFL NFC Wildcard - Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins - 4:30 PM Sunday FOX.

    Looks as though GB has relegated Eddie to special when they want to win or accomplish something. SMH
  10. Game Thread Re: NFL NFC Wildcard - Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins - 4:30 PM Sunday FOX.

    Had to leave the game for a few minutes and got back just in time for the EL Show! Go Eddie!
  11. Re: Brett McMurphy Confirms Yesterday's Internet Chatter: Chip Kelly Met with Bama St

    Isn't that Defense? I doubt he's ever heard of an ILB. Those guys are just gassed all the time.
  12. Link: Re: Take thed quiz: Should you root for Alabama or Clemson?

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    Re: Mel Tucker to UGA as DC

    It's UGA, not GaTech, AJC doesn't care.
  14. Re: Telling stat from Under Armour All Star game... too. UA or AU...if it ain't in crimson, it ain't real!
  15. Re: CFN: Updated Alabama vs. Clemson: CFP National Championship Preview, Prediction

    "It’s a confident team that’s been able to have the best of both worlds by being No.1 throughout the CFP ranking process, but also being able to play the disrespect card as motivation."
    Ahem, allow...
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